A Major Factor In Developing Sun Spots That Might Have Never Crossed Your Mind!

Sun Spots

Applying high protection sunscreens and wearing a shield from the sun have always been the traditional way of banning harmful sun rays that end up causing sun spots, a.k.a. pigmentation.. Turns out that there’s more to it! I am one of those sun worshippers who only soak in vitamin D by tanning my body, however, I’ve always been super diligent about applying and re-applying loads of sunblock on my face. To me, hats have always had a functional purpose more than just simply being on-trend! However, my skin has always betrayed my discipline and proved my intentions wrong! I still developed pigmentation! After digging for reasons behind this, turns out the main culprit behind my hyper-pigmentation was heat! It was shocking to know that heat is equally damaging to our skin as direct exposure to sun rays, it’s the skin’s enemy when it comes to discoloration, as it triggers the production of melanin.

Below, some tips that I can finally admit helped in preventing sun spots and freckles caused by heat!


1 || Apply SPF More Than You Think You Need..

Given that you’ve heard this a gazillion times , it is proven that exposing your bare skin to the sun will bring out sun spots. If you are serious in your quest to prevent summer freckles and pigmentation, you have to apply more than you think you need. How much and often you apply sunscreen to your face is more significant than the SPF number listed on the bottle, so you really must load it on.




2 || Wear Your Hat, Or Maybe Not!

Protecting your skin by wearing a hat when outdoors is always a smart idea, but maybe not in all cases. As I mentioned above, you want to limit your exposure to both heat and sun. A hat will provide shading for the face but there are times when it can make your face get hotter, the minute you start feeling hot and the heat retained is causing your face to get redder, when sweat starts dripping from underneath your hat, you must be alarmed! Your hat might be triggering more sun spots! The best option might be to wear a hat to prevent direct sunlight but get one with a light and breathable fabric..




3 || Stay cool…

Keep the temperature of your skin as cold as possible.. Overheated skin from time spent outdoors in the sun can increase melanin activity, it’s important to keep the temperature of the skin low.


Stay cool…


# Always have an ice bucket next to you, drink cold water to keep your body temperature low..

# Splashing your face with ice cold water every now and then is another great way of maintaining your cool..

# Ice cubes applied directly on face creates a cool environment for your skin.

# Put an ice compress or cold washcloth on the back of the neck to keep cool.

# Always go for a quick dip in the pool or sea to lower body temperature..

# As for your post sun exposure tips, keep your toner in the refrigerator. When applied to the skin after cleansing, it can provide a cooling effect.

# Perform a post-sun mask that you’ve stored in the refrigerator and apply to clean skin for 15 minutes. You’ll quickly cool it down in addition to providing hydration to thirsty skin cells.

Enjoy your new found cool!


Sun Spots