Will Your Skincare Routine Eventually Stop Working For you?

Skincare Routine

Nothing beats the enthusiasm accompanied with starting off a new skincare routine! It is very commonly known as the ‘shiny new skincare toy’ syndrome. All the fascination and passion for new product formulas make us want to up the beauty game and try new products every now and then. The question here is could our skincare products suddenly stop being effective? Will our skin become immune to the benefits of creams we use with continuous application? Should we change our routine from time to time? Or just stick to it when it’s working for us?


Skincare Routine


It’s good to know that if you are someone who is super busy but still cares for her skin, your smartly chosen skincare products will continue to perform and act as effectively as the first day you have used them.. It’s important to know that we are blessed with skin that does not build up an immunity mechanism to products with continuous use! When we apply any product on our face and neck, the natural reaction is simply for your skin to absorb it and act like the most amazing receptor.. The product used will work every time and results will keep showing!

The exception though is in the case of using topical Retin-A or formulas of Retinols; with those, the minute you start seeing less negative side effects which are usually the signs that your Ritonol treatment is woking, such as peeling and dryness, then you should upgrade the percentage for more desired and effective results..


Why Do We Feel A Product Stopped Working?

To many, boredom plays a big role and the search for new or trending products rises. Another reason, is that once you move on with your chosen and specific routine you will be noticing visible results, in the case of using vitamin C serums for example, your skin will become brighter and more evenly toned and that is why after a while you will ‘feel’ that you reached a plateau, when is fact what you are seeing has become the new ‘normal’..


Skincare Routine


Reasons To Change your Skincare Routine…

1 || It is always a great idea to alter and adjust our skincare routine, our skin is a living organ that evolves over time. There are many factors such as age, climate, hormones, stress, (what you used during your 20’s will no longer work in your 30’s), that will greatly contribute to a change in how your skincare products might behave.

2 || When your moisturizer stops performing and giving all the rich pampering your skin needs especially in seasonal changes, you need to replace it with a new intensive option..

3 || Adult hormonal breakouts are another reason for you to adjust or change your skincare regimen..

4 || Trending products and techniques always seem to come onto our radar, and especially if we hear everyone buzzing about it, we love trying it out for ourselves and can find ourselves quickly changing up our routines.