Skincare Slackers || The Problem With Relying On Cosmetic Procedures

Skincare Slackers

On a scale from obsessive skincare addicts there lies at the other end  the opposite case of complete beauty slackers.. In other words if you had the choice, would you adopt a full fledged wholesome and preventative skin care routine or simply give in and resort to fixing your cosmetic flaws by depending on the plethora offered by cosmetic procedures that are advanced, quick and give guaranteed results ?

Whatever your answer, unfortunately, the new thinking seems to be, why do the work when you can just get work done? However, bad habits may have weighty consequences..

Studies show about one in four women 25 and older doesn’t wear sunscreen. Evidence goes beyond to prove that some of these women eventually seek injections, whether Botox or fillers and laser treatments in order to solve any aesthetic downside as a result of their habits..

Technological advancements encourage women to skimp on proactive beauty and wellness habits. Below, we will discuss how you can readjust the beauty clock years backward by presenting a list of go-to’s that will save your day!


The Face

  • If you don’t have time for a step by step skincare routine and exfoliating was never on your agenda,  we’re here to tell you that some types of microdermabrasion will blast away your tired top layer of skin.
  • You wear sunscreen but never top it up during the day? You can get dark spots zapped off by a Fraxel laser. However, if you’re someone that is prone to going back to your bad skincare habits, then issues like dryness and lines might resurface..
  • You simply refuse to cut down on indulging? Whether by drinking more alcohol then you’ll end up with skin so dehydrated and saggy.. Indulging in smoking accelerates some of the most frustrating lines we see around the mouth. Thermage, a radio-frequency treatment that tightens lax skin can give results that can last up to two years, but such treatments don’t come cheap (about $2,500 per treatment, according to RealSelf).


Skincare Slackers


In certain cases, disregarding preventive measures can cause irreversible damage.


Technology can reduce the outward signs of too much sun,” concedes L.A. dermatologist Jessica Wu. However, your skin’s DNA will remember the UV radiation it’s received, which is why sun spots often keep coming back.


The good news?

There is in fact an upside to getting work done: Those who have it tend to improve their habits afterward. Patients often become hypervigilant about their routines after investing in treatments like Fraxel, which cost about $1,500. After realizing the value of such dramatic results achieved by pricey treatments, they tend to become more inclined to follow through with maintenance to avoid the consequences of aging further..


The Body

#Yes, you are able to contour your curves without proper dieting or exercise, this actually dates back to the 1920s. A century later, noninvasive body-sculpting options abound. It has become a culture, everybody seeks instant results, a quick-fix. Some want to take the easy way out, but many are too busy to do the work.


In May, Cardi B got caught in the crossfire of this ethical conundrum after announcing that she got liposuction. Critics called her “lazy” for not hitting the gym, and the rapper clapped back loud and clear in an Instagram Live video: “My job as an entertainer is a 24-hour job, bro. So no, I don’t have time to work out.”


# “sweat,” an infrared treatment that claims to burn up to 1,600 calories an hour has convinced many out there that there’s no need to work out because now you can burn while you’re stagnant. “Sweat’s” ability to burn a whole lot of calories because of its’ ancillary benefits, however, physically going to the gym and doing the work will also reduce stress, improve memory, and boost mood. You may think you can skip the gym, but there is no permanent change without hard work and maintenance.


Skincare Slackers


#Cryotherapy, which purportedly burns anywhere from 500 to 800 calories in three minutes, will freeze away cellulite, however, the fat will return if one stopped working out!


The Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is currently predicted to increase up to a $28 billion industry by 2024.

# If you’ve ever had stains caused by decades of daily coffee consumption, less than an hour with laser teeth-whitening, you’ll erase every trace. The results are instantaneous and pretty miraculous. However, will a killer smile always signify oral health?


I see patients coming in for laser whitening or veneers who haven’t had a checkup or a cleaning in a few years,” says Victoria Veytsman, a cosmetic dentist in New York City and L.A. “A full smile makeover won’t help tooth decay or gum inflammation.


# Excessive teeth whitening can erode enamel and eventually cause root damage. All the more reason for moderation when it comes to coffee runs and red-wine nightcaps.

# Juvederm lip fillers can erase the inevitable lines smokers see from puffing away on cigarettes. However, is there any quick fix or remedy  for one’s damaged lungs?


Skincare Slackers


Bottom line, it all narrows down to that simple sense of pride and ownership, will power and satisfaction that comes with taking good care of yourself, and you can’t get that from any fancy machine, could you?