Why And How You should Consume Probiotics For A Healthier You!


Probiotics, will I ever live without them..? Hmmm, even the thought of this is pure horror to me.. The reason behind this is the basis of my article today.. They say that our gut health is the core of our general well being, basically diseases emerge from the imbalances in our guts; pH levels, acidity, indigestion…etc all factor in multiple diseases and with all these gastrointestinal issues linked to poor health conditions the world is finally believing in probiotics..

To begin with, a quick reminder of what probiotics are.. Good bacteria that promote a healthy digestive system.. known as bacteria Flora, their presence in our systems have many many benefits.. Today I am going to convince you even further, why you should be incorporating probiotics in your daily life..

1 || They help combat harmful bacteria. They also are very needed especially after the consumption of antibiotics.. Those tend to kill both the good and the bad when it comes to bacteria.. Supplementing with the proper type and dose of probiotics will help compensating what we’ve lost during medication..

2 || They aid in absorbing nutrients and proper digestion.. As well as improved bowel movements and reduction in bloating. Probiotics help create the perfect environment in our guts that guaranteed efficient absorption of many nutrients..

3 || They promote a strong gut lining by reducing infections and inflammation ultimately enhancing the body’s immune system..

4 || They optimize mood… Healthy gut delivers a happy mood.. Tried and tested!

5 || They aid in clearer skin, those cystic acne mishaps tend to clear drastically upon taking probiotics!




But it’s important to understand that while probiotics have always had plenty to offer the gut, we need to listen to experts who weigh in on how to deliver beneficial bacteria the right way…


1 || Get Familiar With the Big Probiotic Players—and Their Benefits

There exists millions of different species of probiotic bacteria.. Knowing the most popular strains you’ll come across at your local health store and which ones will best serve you is crucial… The most common are Lactobacillus, which supports digestion and immune function, as well as reduces anxiety; Bifidobacterium, which helps digest fiber, supports metabolic processes such as regulating blood sugar, and improves brain function; and Saccharomyces, which is technically a “friendly yeast” that is antibacterial, and thus aids in preventing disease and supporting skin health. A cocktail of these varying probiotic strains is usually found at drug stores, that supports overall health and the diversity of the gut’s microflora.




2 || The Right Dosage Is Crucial

How many billions of probiotics are found in a supplement… Well that depends on your symptoms, the sicker the patient, the higher the probiotics strength should be.. The 20- to 30-billion range is recommended if you consider yourself healthy. The 50 billion if you have minor gut issues. The 100 billion if you’ve been on antibiotics. However, the 225-billion-and-above range is reserved for those who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal issues or yeast infections and should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Once you’ve settled on a dosage, try it out for couple of months, pay attention to how you feel, and listen to your body.. It is also recommended to switch up your probiotic every three to six months to ensure you’re introducing new, beneficial flora often.


3 || To Refrigerate Probiotics Or Not, That Is The Question!

There are two offerings when it comes to probiotics supplements.. 

In terms of deciding between shelf-stable and refrigerated probiotic supplements, it’s ultimately a matter of lifestyle. Refrigeration reduces the decay of the product over time and helps it maintain its potency for longer..Opt for refrigerated options if you are not consistent in your probiotics quest.. But if you know daily follow-through won’t be an issue, blister-packed, shelf-stable supplements used within the expiration date are fine.




4 || Consuming Probiotics Needs Healthy Habit Dedication..

If you’re eating a lot of unhealthy foods, or out drinking every night, and not getting enough sleep, taking a probiotic isn’t then protecting you from the damage that causes. A healthy and optimal lifestyle will massively enhance the benefits reaped from probiotics use..Healthy diet, daily exercise, and eight hours of sleep are essential to the bigger picture of gut health.


5 || Can You Drink Your Probiotics?

Yes you can, but with reason.. The probiotic beverage categories such as kefir and kombucha are very popular.. However kefir is a better option, as kombucha is very high in sugar, which is a food source for yeast.