10 Healthy Anti-Aging Secrets For The Women Over 40

Healthy Anti-Aging Secrets

Somewhere around your 40th birthday is considered the finest time where you should be starting to fathom the fact that your body is giving you visible signs of growing older, almost failing you that is.. However the strong and confident woman inside that body is borderline raging from that natural progression and retaliation comes in the form of making proactive changes in hopes of reversing those early signs of aging! The good news is that it’s completely doable and you are in good hands reading this article!

Step up your game and set your records straight woman! If your goal is aging gracefully, we at CIIN are here to tell you that you can look and more importantly feel at your best right now and for decades to come… Can you keep 7 secrets?!


1 || Physically Speaking.. Lift Weights!

If you’re only down for Zumba or pilates, you might be missing out. It’s time to incorporate all sorts of strength-training, doing so is key to making you feel stronger and younger. Reverse muscle mass loss, weight lifting is the easiest way to control your weight and boost your metabolism with minimal time and commitment. Remember, your body starts to lose muscle mass during your 30’s and thinning bones is an added risk!


Physically Speaking


2 || Upgrade Your Beauty Routine…

Fact: These are the peri-menopausal years when estrogen levels start to decline.. It’s time to get serious.. Get out of the beauty rut that you’re in and understand fully that your age demands new types of creams .. Remember what used to work before won’t cut it after you’re 40.. Begin by adding more active ingredients that are effective and necessary to combat signs of aging.. Retinol should top your list. Products containing glycolic acid are crucial for combating dullness and fine lines.. Vitamin C serum alongside antioxidants should become your beauty priority.. Don’t neglect the neck though.. Another tip would be ditching straw sipping for good, you don’t wanna enhance those upper lip lines do you?


Upgrade Your Beauty Routine


3 || Cut Down On Booze..

Reverse the aging process by quitting alcohol consumption.. Women who abided by that admit they looked younger than their 30’s! You will lose that extra weight you’ve always complained about, you’ll notice that you’ll have more energy, and last but not lest your skin will look better than ever! Remember that excessive amounts of alcohol can dehydrate and damage your skin…


Cut Down On Booze


4 || Hydrate, Hydrate And Finally, Hydrate More!

When it comes to drinking water, more is more.. Look years younger, feel better, and drop five pounds without trying by adopting continuous water sipping throughout the day.. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty: It means you’re already somewhat dehydrated. What’s more, the body’s thirst mechanism tends to become a bit faulty with age, so you might have a harder time realizing that you’re getting parched.




5 || Get More Of Those Zzzzzs..

Now! And more than ever, getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night is important. Plentiful sleep is not only connected to productivity, it helps tame poor eating habits. Sleep deprivation will disrupt your hunger hormones making u feel hungrier when you haven’t gotten enough rest. To get the sleep you need, develop a nighttime routine that preps your body for bed. Finish your workout at least a couple of hours before bed, turn off all screens at least one hour before bed, and avoid anything that causes you stress. In addition to washing up, bedtime routines might include a warm bath or warm cup of herbal tea, meditation, reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle. Oh! Don’t get stingy with your bed sheets, now is the time to spoil yourself and spend some bucks on silk bedding, think about all the TLC you are giving to your face and neck!


Healthy Anti-Aging Secrets


6 || Eat more Protein..

Since we start losing lean muscle mass as early as our 30s—and that continues into our 40s—it’s key to eat high-quality protein such as ground sirloin, eggs, chicken, and even vegetable protein like edamame to help preserve lean muscle mass. This enables better calorie burning. Tip: Many of us can benefit from shifting our daily protein intake so that we eat it evenly throughout the day rather than getting it all in one meal.


Eat more Protein..


7 || Avoid Eating Those 15 Foods…

Ease your menu off of these 15 foods that can wreck havoc to your body post the age of 40.. Hotdogs, fried chicken, cookies, sport drinks, sugar free snacks, almond milk, hot sauce, margarine, pasta, gluten free foods, French fries, hamburgers, coffee ice-cream and low fat foods.. Don’t ask why, just follow suit the most gorgeous looking 40-year-olds out there!


Avoid Eating Those Foods


8 || Do More Yoga And Have More Of This Thing…

We can guarantee you that 40 year old women who are always glowing and both look and feel great have one thing in common besides genes, they have more sex and yoga. Believe it or not, some research suggests that having sex frequently might even help you live longer. It’s about time to do what you love and make time for what you enjoy, this can make all the difference to your wellbeing.


Do More Yoga


9 || Take Care Of Your Bosom…

Breast cancer hits one in eight women, which is why early detection is key. For most women, mammogram testing should begin at age 40 and continue every one to two years depending on your history and other risk factors. However, the date you should have that first mammogram has been controversial of late. Speak with your doctor to devise the best screening plan for you.


Take Care Of Your Bosom…


10 || Get In Touch With Your Hormones…

Find and an enlightened hormone doctor and make an appointment to see where you are hormonally. From sleepless nights to sudden bouts of forgetfulness, hormonal changes are to blame. Perimenopause or pre-menopause is the transitional period that precedes menopause in which hormonal imbalances and fluctuations occur in a woman’s body and may cause distress. Levels of the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone begin to fluctuate irregularly.