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Do You Dry Brush Your Face & Neck?

Dry brushing is not something new. It’s part of a lot of women’s body care routine as it has so many benefits from exfoliating the skin and restore firmness to promoting circulation and lymphatic system in the body. But have you ever imagined dry brushing your face? It might sound harsh, but it’s actually a thing. Here how it is done and why you should add it to your beauty routine.


What Are The Benefits Of Dry Brushing Your Face & Neck?

1 || Depuff and reduce eye circles.
2 || Increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.
3 || Reduce wrinkles leaving you with firmer and healthier-looking skin.
4 || Exfoliation and removing dead skin cells.

5 || Up oxygen intake in the skin allowing it to absorb products more effectively.


How Is It Done?

1 || Use The Right Brush

When you choose your brush, make sure it is soft and with natural bristles. Something that is specifically designed for facial use.


2 || Use Gentle Strokes

You face skin is much delicate comparing to your body skin. This means you have to be gentle and avoid any pulling, stretching and using too much force. Typically you will need 5 light strokes per area and the whole process should 10 minutes max.


3 || Start At The Décolleté Working Your Way Up

At your décolleté start brushing from the chest and shoulders area inward. Then move for the neck brushing it upward on the middle and sides and towards chin and ears. As lots of toxins lies in the chin area you need to brush lightly under your entire chin from the middle toward each ear. When you reach your face you need to brush from the middle front part of the cheek up toward each ear and down the neck. Then brush your cheeks in circular motions and outward. Move to your upper lip starting from the center outward. Next, brush your nose tip in circular motions. Move lightly up your nose to the middle of the brow area. Then light strokes from each side of the nose out toward the cheeks. At your eye area lightly brush upward and around your brows, encircling the eyes lightly in a circular motion. End at the forehead starting in the middle and moving right on your right side and leftward on your left side.