Why You Should Try the Ancient Ritual of Hair Oiling

Hair Oiling

The Ancient Indian ritual of hair oiling, part of the Ayurvedic holistic healing system could be the perfect pastime for you and your loved ones.  This deeply personal practice is not just good for your hair, but also great for your psyche.  It may not come as a surprise that the word ‘to oil’ in Indian Sanskrit also means ‘to love’.

The actual process involves a combination of hair oils, the base of which is generally sesame oil in the colder months and coconut oil in the warmer ones.  Additional ingredients can then be added for specific issues.  Ashwagandha and castor oil are highly therapeutic ingredients when it comes to hair loss.  Hibiscus likewise is an herb well-known for its hair-strengthening properties, in addition to the prevention of premature graying.

Hair oiling itself is generally practiced before bedtime or before a shower.  In addition to saturating the strands with the concoction, the oils are also kneaded into the scalp, temples and neck for a therapeutic head massage. The restorative properties of the oils help reduce dryness, strengthen hair, improve lustre thickness and softness.

An addition benefit of the head massage is the activation of the sixth chakra, otherwise known as the crown chakra.  Its connection to the pineal gland helps calm the mind and reduces stress and anxiety.


Hair Oiling


The oiling practice also includes a bonding factor, ancient traditions recount family members oiling each others hair while exchanging imaginative fables from their common culture.  Unwinding is generally an act that is practiced alone, the fact that oiling is done in the company of others makes it quite special, and perfect for the times we are currently experiencing.

Coming to think of it, hair has always brought people together.. You may recall your personal experiences as your grandmother combed your hair as a child, and of course there is the African culture of braiding which over time has become an event in and of itself.  As we reach back to tried and tested traditions to calm our nerves during times of uncertainty, hair oiling strikes us as ritual that is well worth trying!