The ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Makeup Look

Makeup Look

Go lighter on the coverage because skin is in!


Makeup Look


The au naturel barely-there dewy makeup look we’re all after, and will probably be in dire need of come summer because let’s be honest who wants a waterproof cake of products and pigments sizzling on their face in the blazing sun!

The key to achieving the minimal makeup look is to ensure you’re not going overboard with the amount of product used and go easy on the pressure applied, whether you’re layering a primer, foundation or highlighter. Consistent and accumulative blending is always key. Makeup artists are able to create the highly coveted glowing base that passes as your natural skin due to their light applications and gentle touches, gradually blending and building up the base.

If you have fair skin, try a bronzing moisturiser if you want to add some warmth and radiance without going heavy on the foundation and blushers. You might even get away with ditching the concealer altogether as quick face tans instantly diminish blemishes and dark circles.

If you need more coverage, go ahead and apply your favourite foundation but only to your problematic or hyper pigmented areas. To avoid the dreaded cakey finish be sure to use the product scarcely but double the blending time! When it comes to concealer, also use it sparingly and only onto your problem areas with a small flat brush, aka micro concealing.

If you’re keen on blush, select a soft cream blush as close to your natural rosy shade as possible. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend out accordingly so that the saturation is subtle. You can also dab cream blush on your lips to enhance their natural colour.

For the barely-there makeup look, you’ll probably want to ditch the mascara altogether and just stick to a lash curler, they can make a world of a difference on their own! Heat them up with a blow dryer if you want extra durability. Go easy on the brows as well, brush them into shape with a transparent brow gel or apply a faint colour sparingly for a little more shape if you have light brows

The best and easiest way to obtain your dream lips is exfoliation! The Lush mint scrub is great, but you can also easily make your own by mixing fine granulated white sugar and olive oil, or brown sugar and raw honey, adjusting the ratio and amount accordingly to desired intensity and how much you want it to last. This will leave your lips lustrous, plumper and amplify their natural colour as the scrub increases your blood-flow. Follow with you fave lip balm for the perfect pristine pout.