How Long Do You Need To Wait Between Applying Facial Creams

Applying Facial Creams

I have to break this to you ladies, my favorite organ in my body is definitely my skin! Naturally, our skin is such a magnificent facade that does wonders to our overall health and beauty.. Pampering it comes first to me, and yes I cannot get enough of the many skincare products in my vanity and I always try to maximize the benefits of each and every product! My motto is always; abundance is key!


I often ask myself though, during this perfect time of the day when I’m applying all my favorite creams and serums and potions, do I just cancel out the effect of one by immediately rubbing over it with another? Should I wait for the serum to ‘sink in’ and take effect before I go on with my night cream??


Applying Facial Creams


So, the question remains whether it’s okay to layer and layer skincare ingredients during a single skin care session, are we allowed to mix products? Should we give our creams and serums some time to seep in before moving to the next application? Well, after some research, I have found out that our skin loves it! And is ready to fully absorb every single product before moving on to the next! But every rule has exceptions, you can go wild with all your skincare routine – the 10 step k-beauty ritual rings a bell here – but there are 3 ingredients that call for some time to maximize their efficacy, that’s when you will need to wait in between applications..

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When Do You Need To Wait?


1 || Sunscreen

Being the number one most important ingredient for skincare, it’s crucial to know that mixing sunscreen with other lotions and creams, can actually dilute the ingredients in your sunscreen and reduce its effect. So you need to rub the sunscreen into your skin as a last step to maximize its efficacy..




2 || Acne Medicine

Spot treatment for acne should be given some time as well before moving on.. Prescription medications like acne creams need to be absorbed fully before secondary creams are applied, but that should take less than a minute.


Acne Medicine


3 || Vitamin C

Extra attention is needed here, vitamin C is a pretty strong acid, so it’s best to wait a little bit before applying anything on top of it immediately. This way, you can ensure that your vitamin C serum has fully seeped into your pores before you cover it with a moisturizer. My tip?To save time simply add in a few drops of your favorite vitamin C serum into a lightweight gel or cream moisturizer of your preference and voila! Efficient penetration is achieved..


Vitamin C


4 || Rolling And Balling Up

Another sign that you need to wait in between applications, is simply addressed, if you notice that a combination of products you’re using tends to roll or ball up when you apply one right after the other, then it’s probably best to allow the first product to dry before applying the next product in your routine.


Applying Facial Creams