Hopping On A Plane This Holiday? Save Your Skin With These Worthy Tips!


As much as we look forward to holiday season especially when it involves going on vacation, we rarely understand how the simple act of hopping into an airplane is severely affecting our skin health.. No matter how religiously committed to skincare perfection pre traveling you tend to be, it is crucial to be aware of what wrong you are doing to your complexion during a flight..

Fact: airplanes are dehydration culprits.. We have all felt this at one point, it is 100% true and flying at 32,000 feet is in fact a huge deal and has severe impact on our general health..

To make things more relatable, one of my skincare gurus whom I follow and trust her aesthetic is Renee Rouleau.. She has performed an experiment on board of one of her flights and the results are shocking..

While on a recent flight that got up to 32,000 feet, Rouleau filled a bottle cap with water and poured it onto a cotton t-shirt and recorded the start time. Watched and watched until the water spot had virtually disappeared and recorded the time. This resulted in water disappearing in 57 minutes.. She repeated the same exact steps (using the same amount of water) as in the airplane but in her house. The water disappeared in 2 hours, 17 minutes.




What does this airplane air test prove?

Water evaporation occurs 2.4 times faster in an airplane than on land. This water loss is exactly what happens to your skin during flight. When the air is dry and moisture is not present (such as on an airplane), it looks for moisture wherever it can get it. Since the skin holds water within the cells, it is drawn out through a process called osmosis. Typically, dry skins will feel drier long after you’ve landed yet oily skins will actually get oilier. (The increase of oil is the way your skin compensates itself to try and establish a moist environment.) Regardless of your skin type, airplane air creates an imbalance for your skin when you land. Usually, within a day or so, the skin will correct itself but it’s highly recommend that we perform a special pre-flight and post-flight skincare routine to restore it back to health more quickly…

So, airplane dryness proves to be inevitable, however there are ways to ward off and prevent severe outcomes.. Follow the routine below upon embarking on your flight..


Pre And During Flight

1 || Apply A Moisturizing Sunscreen

Little did we know or maybe it actually never occurred to us! On flight we are literally and physically closer to the sun! So we’re getting damaging UV rays that have a much greater impact on the skin.. By applying a well-formulated sunscreen moisturizer pre-flight as well as sitting by a window seat so as to control the shade by closing it.




2 || Drinking Lots And Lots Of Water Should Be A No Brainer! However!

Water is the least efficient way to hydrate the skin but it’s still beneficial for preventing water retention so that you don’t look as puffy post-flight. By doing so you are maintaining the water levels in your system regardless of the fact that this won’t do enough good for your skin..




3 || Avoid Misting Your Skin With A Hydrating Spray During Flight

Turns out this is one of the worst mistakes people make. Since water attracts water, when you spray your face, it takes water from the layers in the skin and it all gets evaporated into the dry air. Purely osmosis.. The result is even tighter, drier skin—especially if your hydrating mist doesn’t have proper protective ingredients to help retain the ingredients in the skin. If you want to treat your skin in-flight, it’s best to apply a skin oil on to your face every hour of flight to help the skin retain its moisture.




4 || Keep A Bottle Of Hyaluronic Acid In Your Handbag

Hyaluronic acid is the number one hydrating ingredient that exists in skincare. With its ability to hold water within 1000 times its weight makes it an essential ingredient that will help trap water on our skin.. If you’re a fan of spritzing thermal water on your skin during your flight, make sure to add hyaluronic acid on top before allowing the water to dry.. By doing so you are creating a protective barrier between your skin and the plane’s dry environment..




5 || For Long Flights, Stock Up On Facial Sheet Masks

On my longer flights, those that exceed 5 hours, I always make sure I have a couple or more of the top hydrating sheet masks, those seal in the moisture and keeps our skin hydrated without the evaporating hazard.. Works wonders as it’s tried and tested!




Post Flight

1 || Perform An Exfoliating Peel

Time to reset your face.. Once you’ve landed and get settled into to wherever you’re staying, by performing a mini facial on freshly washed skin, exfoliate with a gentle scrub or an acid-peel. This will dissolve and remove surface dead cells caused by dry airplane air so the mask (later on) can work most effectively.




2 || Apply A Mask

Rinse off your exfoliant and apply a soothing mask as it’s important to add back essential hydration and brighten the skin from post-flight dullness. Gel masks have the highest water content so opt for those.. Antibacterial masks will prevent any post-flight breakouts that may occur. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, rinse well and follow with a moisturizer for your skin type.

Happy Holidays beautiful people!