When Suhad Met Eliana

Suhad Met Eliana

OK… that’s not exactly true…I’ve known Eliana for a while.  After all she is the founder of the most popular beauty center in Jordan.  Not only does she carry the Bassam Fattouh beauty line, but she also has a full-fledged beauty center providing state-of-the-art, quality services, such as semi-permanent tattooing, lash extensions, perms and facials.  She also houses the world-famous Genesis anti-aging and rejuvenating beauty machine.

Around 4 weeks ago, I was on my weekly pilgrimage to Elaina’s.  There’s always something to do there.. whether it’s a facial, a brow pencil or simply a cup of coffee.  On that fated day, Eliana looked me in the eye and asked me, “till when?”

What she was referring to was my lack of makeup on my face, not in my makeup bag!  What I conveniently called ‘natural’ others may call ‘lazy’.  To cut a long story short… Eliana convinced me to try the lip semi-permanent color tattoo.


Suhad Met Eliana


The lip semi-permanent color tattoo is lip color that is injected into the skin’s dermis layer.  The color lasts for around 6 months.  To be honest, I would much rather leave the technical details to Eliana, because she is clearly the boss.  All I can do is tell you what my experience was like, and I must say, from the outset that it was great.

So the treatment is made up of three sessions.  The first session involves the actual drawing of the lip line.  This is done with a regular pencil in the mirror, by Eliana herself.  She doesn’t just follow the lip’s natural line, but takes the liberty of beautifying it.. My lips were stretch out naturally, Eliana added more volume to the center of my lips which instantly created more of a pout.  Once the lip contour has been determined, I am asked to lay down, in order to start work on the tattoo machine.




The chosen color is then attached to a pencil-like stylus, which is attached to the machine using a cord.  The actually procedure involves a scratching of the lip surface, injecting the color into the dermis.  It is not painful, but it does hurt… if you know what I mean.  They do offer a numbing cream if you can’t tolerate the pain.  I personally feel that life is painful as it is.. and naturally opted for the numbing cream.

Around 20 minutes later my first session was complete.  I walked out of Eliana’s beauty center with a natural rosy pout that I was particularly happy with.  I was instructed to hydrate my lips with Nivea cream, and it works!  My lips were a little swollen at first, something I was particularly pleased about, unfortunately the swelling went down a few hours later.

One of the things that I did as soon as I got home was to apply eye liner and some blush.  Walking around with a perfect lip color and nothing else looks odd!  So in the process of creating a natural lip color I created a natural makeup look 🙂

Eliana informed me that the lip color would fade and that I shouldn’t worry.  It did fade before my next session, and the lip was redone during session two.  I have always had an issue with my lips, they are almost always chapped.  I have always explained this peeling as dehydration, but it turns out it’s something else entirely!  It’s in fact my retinol cream!  Elian warned me against using my retinol creams during the first ten days of my lip procedure.  This was to ensure that the color stayed put.  Retinol apparently has a tendency of peeling the lips and removing the color tattoo.  What I came to realize was that once I stopped the retinol, my lips stopped chapping..  Further research thanks to Yasmeen, and we realized that it is best to cover the lips with a barrier cream in the evening to avoid the retinol from seeping into the lips and chapping them.


Suhad Met Eliana


Back to the lip tattoo, after the second session, the lip no longer faded.  The instant color the lip color gave to my cheeks and face in general was extremely flattering (once I put a little foundation, eyeliner, mascara and blush on).

Session number 3 was basically a general retouch, in case any particular spot faded.  The good news is that I can get a retouch any time I like after the third session for a nominal fee.  Which means that I am able to maintain the color over the months, till it’s time for a full refreshing of color!

Regarding the lip color itself, it takes time and a session or two to determine the perfect shade.  I was actually keen on a very light shade of pink.. two sessions into it I realized that I could actually pull off a darker more flattering shade without looking like I was going to a dinner party.

Perhaps the best way to describe the semi-permanent lip tattoo is by using the word, ‘process’.  It is not a one-stop-shop…in a good way.  The three sessions actually ease you into it.. It helps you get used to the color, used to the pain and it allows you time to really know what you want.  Eliana’s many years of experience means that she is extremely patient and understanding, giving you enough time to understand the process and ask as many questions as you like.  I for one will be going back for more soon!