13 Modern Ponytail Styles || So Chic So Effortless

Modern Ponytail Styles

Let’s shed some light on ponytails, but with a slightly more detail.. Ponytails in general can take many forms, gathering up your hair in a rubber band can be practical, functional on a very hot day, or it can deliver a statement. Preppy, elegant, and even lavish and accessorized.. The world’s simplest hairstyle can easily take you from day to evening and straight to your late-night outing.. Check out the many ways you can don your own ponytail, you never know it might become your signature hairstyle!!


1 || The Retro Braid

The Retro Braid


2 || The Barbie Doll

The Barbie Doll


3 || The Center Parted

The Center Parted


4 || The Voluminous

The Voluminous


5 || The Bejeweled

The Bejeweled


6 || The Chained

The Chained


7 || The Bow-Wow

The Bow-Wow


8 || The Low & Romantic

The Low & Romantic


9 || The Bubblicious

The Bubblicious


10 || The Wavy

The Wavy


11 || The Adorned Bang

The Adorned Bang


12 || The Multi-Accessorized

The Multi-Accessorized


13 || The Low & Sided

The Low & Sided