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10 Skincare Hacks That Can Save You Valuable Time & Money!

Maximising the use of your skincare products have probably never been an objective of yours. But what if I were to tell you that there are still some tips and hacks that you can use to multiply the benefits of your skincare products and regiment, and save valuable time and money in the process? We’ve researched all the ways famous estheticians make the best use of their skincare products and all the hacks they always seem to have up their sleeves. 


1 || Undereye Exfoliator

The undereye area tends to get extremely dry as it has very few oil glands and if you think that by using your eye creams or serums you’re doing enough, think again. Using an exfoliator that is designated for that area is crucial to help with the absorption of your undereye creams and to increase their efficiency, as you will be removing dead skin cells and hydrating the cells that actually need it. Aim to use such exfoliators 2-3 times a week. 

Renée Rouleau Overnight Eye Serum 



2 || Don’t Allow Your Toner To Dry Up

Toners are such an essential part of your skincare regime; they balance the skin’s pH levels and boost water content in the skin. That being said, there is another surprising benefit of using toner. Applying your next skincare product on top of your damp toner allows the skin to absorb the product more easily since damp skin is much more permeable, it also helps you spread the product with more ease and to also use less of the product. 

Pixi Glow Tonic


3 || Eye Products For Smile Lines

First of all you need to use less eye cream than what you’re used to as eye creams tend to be more moisturising than other skincare products, and the undereye area can only absorb so much. But fret not, if you’ve pumped up too much eye cream the perfect second place to use it on is on the ‘smile lines’ and I personally use it on my upper lip. Another valuable tip for you is that you can also use the hydrogel eye patches on your smile lines as well. 


4 || Use Your Facial Exfoliator For Your Bumpy Arms

Did you know that you can use your acid-based facial exfoliator for other dry and bumpy areas on your body? People with keratosis pilaris (skin bumps on arms) can benefit from using an exfoliating acid on their arms a few times per week. This will not only help dissolve these bumps but it will help prevent them in the future. 

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Lotion Exfoliant



5 || Use An Exfoliating Serum To Dissolve Cuticles

You can apply an exfoliating acid serum on your cuticles before bed underneath a layer of hand cream to help dissolve the dryness around your nails. Doing this a few times a week can perhaps replace your weekly manicure visits. 

Renée Rouleau Pore + Wrinkle Perfecting Serum


6 || Do An At-Home Peeling Session With Your Prescription Retinoid 

Prescription retinoids are perfect to give yourself an at-home peeling session if you’re anyways stuck at home. If you don’t have any tubes lying around your house, grab yourself one from your nearest pharmacy or drugstore, start with the lower dosage of 0.025 and take it up to 0.05 if it was too mild for you. Squeeze out two pea-sized dollops, spread evenly on your skin and don’t apply moisturiser afterwords, but you may want to apply some eye cream beforehand. This is an effective resurfacing treatment and expect to see some dryness and peeling for a couple of days after it. 


7 || Treat Bug Bites With Your Acne Treatment

You acne spot treatment can be the perfect remedy for your bug bites which can be quite itchy and uncomfortable. Look for ingredients such as zinc oxide, sulphur, and calamine. Calamine helps in reducing the swelling and the itching. 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 



8 || Use Powder Sunscreen In The Summer

By now you know that sunscreen is one of the most essential elements of your skincare routine. But did you also know that the new hybrid of sunscreens comes in loose powder formats so that it can double up as sunscreen and makeup to keep your skin looking shine-free all day. 

Supergroup! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45



9 || Vitamin E Oil Do-It-All 

Vitamin E oil in its pure formula can have so many uses and hacks. It can be used as undereye serum, I swear by it. It can also be used as a facial oil if you have dry skin just make sure to use the 30,000 IU. It is a fantastic cuticle and hand lubricant. It can also work as a hair mask to encourage scalp circulation and to prevent split ends. It is said to heal stretch masks and repair cracked heels as well. 

Nature’s Bounty Natural Vitamin E Oil 30,000 IU


10 || Stop Using Round Cotton Balls

One last bit of advice is for you to stop soaking your skincare products unto your round cotton balls. These cotton balls are quire absorbent and they end up soaking, and stealing, most of your product. Use the round cotton pads or disks instead, as this will save you from losing fifty percent of the product.