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Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like A Pro With Ayah Mufleh!

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The worst part about enjoying makeup is probably the part where you have to clean your makeup brushes and sponges. We keep putting off this daunting task only to get to a point where either the brushes stop being effective, or worse, we start breaking out. That’s why cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis is an absolute must for many reasons. After multiple uses, bristles begin to build up with residual makeup, which makes them less effective when it comes to application and they become a home for bacteria that will irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Professional makeup artists usually clean their brushes after every use, but for us at-home users, once a week should be sufficient, but then again it depends on how often you use them. I have personally adopted a very simplified and extremely effective method of cleaning my brushes and sponges which I’m sure will help you stick to a cleaning routine that never fails.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Step 1

You will need baby shampoo or any type of brush cleaner foam and a fresh towel to lay the brushes on to dry.


Step 2

Dispense the baby shampoo onto a surface, run your brush’s tip under lukewarm water and dip the brushes into the shampoo and gently swirl.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Step 3

Using the tip of the sink, or the tip of a bowl, gently swirl the brush tip on the surface (of the bowl) to remove the makeup residue.


Step 4

Run the brushes under lukewarm water until the water runs clear to remove the remaining shampoo.


Step 5

Line your brushes flat down on the clean towel to dry. An important tip to remember; never turn brushes up vertically — make sure they’re always facing downward — otherwise, water will weaken the glue that holds the bristles together


Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Instead of using a bowl or the surface of my sink, I’ve been using the Cleaning Mat by Sigma. I love it because it has seven different textures to remove everything off your makeup brushes without inflicting any damage on the brushes. The mat is also available in the form of a glove.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat
Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove


Beauty Blender

The best way to clean your Beauty Blender is to simply rub it on a bar of soap. Wet the soap and the Beauty Blender and just rub the sponge on the bar of soap until all residue is removed. Leave it to dry. A Beauty Blender will never become as clean as when it was brand-new, but it is believed that a used-and-abused blender is always better for setting your makeup than a brand-new one. Just make sure you clean it regularly. The Beauty Blender just released a spray that also helps clean them, I suggest doing both options.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Beauty Blender Duo With Liquid Blendercleanser