5 Rewarding Tips For A Smooth Transition Into Your 40’s


Tried and tested; life after you hit 40 is a wake up call, an alarm that goes off and might take a while until it finally shakes your life, your whole being.. That’s when reality hits, and you begin to ask yourself existential questions, well, not to that extent maybe, however, you might experience a massive falling down, feelings of being lost and trapped in a chaotic state, laziness and physical inertia.. We’re here to tell you you’re not alone. Reaching that phase, being thrown out of the balance of all-things-okay and finally trying to figure out the right direction to take over once again, is pure bliss. The end result? A stronger, more confident, graceful and liberated version of yourself. Below, we share some worthy pieces of advice straight from the women who were once in your shoes, and to be quite honest, it’s everything!


1 || Fasted Exercise

Physically speaking, you will begin to notice lower levels of metabolism, which will require certain shifts in the way you approach working out.. Aiming to exercise on an empty stomach, whether morning or evening (at least six hour of no food), is a surefire way to improve your state of mind while being able to re-energize your body. Cherry on top? You will be able to burn twice the amount of fat as opposed to working out after a meal..  Biologically speaking, your body will resort to stored carbs and then to fat as a source of energy, therefore working off that waistline quicker than if you had eaten beforehand. Focus on having a high carb and high protein meal after a fasted workout and don’t work out on an empty stomach too often.




2 || Intermittent Fasting

When you think of intermittent fasting far from the sole purpose of aiming for weight loss, you will begin to consider adopting this cycle of eating for further advantages. One of the main goals of intermittent fasting is giving your body a break, your systems need to regenerate, rejuvenate and maximize cell turn-over. It is scientifically proven that giving your body time to focus on the internal efficacy of all its systems will reduce inflammation, recharge and detox in an optimal manner and most importantly repair any oxidative stress and mutations threatening to age and decay our body..



3 || Perimenopause Awareness

That said, what comes ‘before’ menopause is as important. While hitting menopause -which means the completion of 12 months without menstruation- is given more attention regarding symptoms and solutions, people tend to ignore that the phase right before menopause requires attention as well. Perimenopause can begin as early as our late thirties and last for 4 to 5 years before menopause, that’s when we begin to notice a change in our hormonal balance alongside symptoms including hair loss, vaginal dryness, weight gain, mood swings and anxiety .. Preparing your body  is crucial before the menopause onset arrives. Keep an eye on changes no matter how minute, and focus on three words; balance, support and finally investigation. Balance comes when you start realizing late night partying while sacrificing your quality sleep is not suitable anymore. Balance comes when you plan wholesome meals without neglecting vital nutritious food. Yoga and meditation sort out any imbalance due to life’s stress. As for support, then supplementation is key. Opt for natural remedies, we love the following; chamomile and valerian root as natural sleeping aids. Maca as a hormone-balancing supplement. Probiotics will help balance the healthy function of your gut. Vitamin E is said to work wonders for vaginal dryness, and biotin, silica, copper and zinc are known to strengthen the hair. Finally, know your body and listen well to its signals, no two bodies are equally affected by perimenopause..




4 || Prioritize Meditation

Around the time when you’ll hit 40 and beyond, you will begin to understand why so many older ladies out there are gravitating towards yoga and mental health. One answer, they become addicted to the feeling, the result of mind clarity and focus. Releasing loads of cortisol and replacing it with peace of mind and focus. I know women whom have stopped anti-anxiety over-the-counter-medication due to their commitment to meditation, prayer, yoga and journaling.. They don’t feel the urge anymore. On a final note, life experiences and maturity will bring you to that point, it will become a natural calling, and you will be more than ready to serve..




5 || Focus On The Internal Rather Than The External

Try to seek what sort of actions bring you closer and closer to joy. Joy that is achieved on the inside, rather than the external factors that used to bring you joy in your earlier years. When your mannerism during your 20’s and 30’s brought you inner happiness through your kids, social life and body image, your 40’s and beyond will require you touching things that bring joy to you minus any outside interference. You might find out that helping others brings you satisfaction, or it could be yoga and meditation that will amplify your inner joy. Sometimes, the simple act of cooking a heartfelt meal to your family or a walk in the park can change the energy of things and get you closer to inner satisfaction. Establishing a successful career and manifesting your ambitious mind could be it as well.