The art Of Squinching That will Make You look Fab In Every Photo!

art of Squinching

Ready, set, squinch!

We always try to stare wide-eyed when being photographed, but did you ever notice the look of fear and uncertainty that gets portrayed? The art of squinting will make anyone camera-ready, exude confidence and look hot! Stars and models are trained to squint so why don’t you start practicing?


art of Squinching


Here’s what you should do: Tighten your eyes as if you were going to squint. But slightly relax your top lids and let the lower ones do more of the work. By doing so, you are narrowing the distance between your pupil and your lower lid, the result is a gaze ofconfidence in photos that comes straight from the eyes.. Wondering why Melania Trump suddenly came to mind!

Below are a group of before and afters where you can see the magical effect of squinting! Enjoy…


art of Squinching
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Just in case you need some visual support, check out the video below!