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8 Tips For Décolletage Care That You Should Start Doing Before It’s Too Late!

Decolletage Care-Tips

Go on admit it…how much time do you spend caring for your face mornings and evenings? How much time do you spend researching skincare and makeup tips? How much does it cost you to care for your face? Now replace the word ‘face’ with ‘décolletage’ and answer these questions again! Shocking isn’t it? We know that your objective is to streamline your beauty routine and not add to it …but devoting a few extra minutes a day for the care of your décolletage is so worth your time trust us!


Decolletage Care-Tips


Your neck and chest are competing with your face for attention, they are constantly on display, and they are affected by the same factors that affect your face such as sun exposure, nutrition, and sleeping positions. In addition to all of the previously mentioned, we should keep in mind that this area is very vulnerable; it’s angle means severe sun exposure, bras and push-up bras don’t treat this area gently, and finally once wounded this area does’t really heal all that well. So don’t allow your décolletage to betray you and show signs of aging just because you can’t devote a few extra minutes of your day for its care! Read below for our tips.


1 || Sunscreen

Seems to be the magical answer to almost everything! Treat your neck and chest to a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is over 30 SPF. Apply daily just like you would for your face and re-apply if you expect to spend some time under the sun.


Decolletage Care-Sunscreen


2 || Cleanse Your Skin Daily

Yes we know you take daily showers…but if you take your showers in the morning , you need to make sure you’re cleaning your chest at night and vice versa. Make sure the shower’s water is not too hot so it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils, and make sure you don’t take long showers; 5-6 minutes is ideal.


Decolletage Care-Cleanse  Skin Daily


3 || Exfoliate

Gentle exfoliation is required. Keep it gentle and don’t over do it. 1-3 times a week is probably enough for this delicate area. You be the judge of that!


Decolletage Care-Exfoliate


4 || Sheet Mask

Love sheet masks? Yes we found a couple for your neck and chest. You’re welcome!


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5 || Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

Though you desperately need your sleep, it’s going to be difficult to stick to a certain position while in deep sleep. But there is an innovative new product that can help out in that area. Skinvigor8 have come up with ingenious medical-grade silicone patches that stop the chest skin from wrinkling as you sleep. 


Decolletage Care - Prevent Sleep Wrinkles


6 || Skincare

Don’t skimp on neck and chest products and be gentle during application. Here below are a few best-selling products.


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7 || Posture

We spend the major part of our day hunched over our laptops and smart phones, this not only destroys your posture, it also contributes to tech-neck, and chest wrinkles. Keep reminding yourself to straighten your back and pull your shoulders down.


Decolletage Care-Posture


8 || Lifestyle

Eat your fruits & veggies and drink your water. Fight free radicals and toxins by eliminating or reducing sugar intake. Exercise well. Drink in moderation as alcohol dehydrates the skin and can cause some serious damage.


Decolletage Care - Lifestyle