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Intimate Areas Pigmentation || Your Ultimate Guide

Pigmentation or dark spots can appear in any part of the skin. It occurs when melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its natural color, collects in the skin in higher than normal amounts. It’s an annoying situation, especially if the darker skin happens to be in your intimate parts such as the underarms and bikini area. So Why it happens and how can we fix it?


What Causes Hyperpigmentation of Intimate Areas?

Friction is one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation. In areas like underarm and bikini, the skin rubs together, there may be friction that produces irritation and inflammation. The bands of undergarments and tight-fitting clothing can also add to the friction. And this continuous action causes inflammation that may seem mild. But over a long period of time, there may be long-term effects. The body responds to this persistent irritation by recruiting cells, including the melanocytes, to the affected area, leading to increased pigmentation.

Lack of ventilation is another reason for pigmentation. It increases irritation, inflammation, melanin production, and pigmentation. Also, a lack of ventilation makes a good environment for bacteria and fungus. These microbes can generate by-products that cause an inflammatory response and further activate melanocytes in the area. Sweat and some types of clothes may worsen the situation.

Age and hormones can also contribute to darkening your intimate areas. With age, hormones levels change and as a result, your intimate parts may darken.


How To Fix It?

Luckily, the beauty world got our back in almost everything. And though there are a lot of clinical expensive options to lighten your underarms and bikini areas. There is a lot you can do naturally at home or invest in a good brightening product. We at CIIN swear by Vanish PFB + Chromabright Brightening Serum; A brightening complex non-irritatingly helps brighten and even your skin tone. Additional to hyperpigmentation and dark Spots, it is great for ingrown hairs, razor bumps, free radical damage. Shop now on CIIN Collective.


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