My Daughter’s Story With Kceutic Is Everything || The Healing Powers For A Nasty Burn


Picture this! A perfect August Summer day, vacationing in one of the most gorgeous beach destinations .. A typical joyous and equally loud family lunch at a highly recommended exquisite pizzeria, an-out-of-this-world pan of lasagna ready to be devoured, an eager 10-year-old Sarah ready to savor her most favorite Italian dish and lastly, how all of this took quite an unexpected turn!

As Sarah reached out to grab ahold of her fork hiding just behind the 350 degree-just-out-of-the-oven-hot pan of lasagna the unthinkable took place.. Her inner arm clung to the flaming-hot edge of the lasagna bowl and the nasty contact lasted for about 3 seconds and up until she realized the source of that excruciating shock of a pain she instinctively snatched her arm away from it and a second later, a massive post-shock reaction that was surprisingly calm, yet took the form of eyes filled with agony and an urge to scream like there’s no tomorrow!

‘Mama, I just burnt my arm’ was all that courageous Sarah uttered! As the freaked out mom I would naturally become after the realization of a potential danger threatening my child, I frantically jumped off my seat and grabbed the nearest ice cube and that’s when it hit me.. We tend to lose part of our sanity post-shock and the result is reacting in ways that might not serve as ideal in such situations.. And despite the fact that cooling a burnt area with ice, ice water or even very cold water might initially pop up in our minds hoping to cool off the affected area, I gladly admit that I refrained from doing so.

Instead, I took a couple of minutes to asses the situation, apparently Sarah’s burn was not a first degree – the kind that affects only the outermost layer of the skin which is the epidermis- that was confirmed to me when the sight of the burnt area took the form of a peeled off layer of skin that I later saw sticking to the rim of the lasagna bowl, yes, freak show!!


Kceutic Healing For A Nasty Burn


I was dealing with a second degree burn here, the kind that extends into the dermis or the bottom layer of the skin, along with turning red and slowly developing blisters. It was bad, real bad!

As my husband instantly rushed to the nearest pharmacy, I resorted to my in-handbag-one, I reached out for my first aid beauty slash makeup slash quick and effective remedies kit and I thanked God my one and only go-to product for such mishaps was there, Dermaceutic’s Kceutic cream… I generously slathered the affected area (and beyond) with a layer of this restorative and healing cream.


Kceutic Healing For A Nasty Burn


My hero product of the moment nowadays and forever will be is Kceutic, and after featuring it in my last Beauty CIIN episode, today I will genuinely convince you why this magic of a cream is on top of my bliss list when it comes to those unnerving burning episodes as such.. I will also provide before and after pictures that will simply shock you considering the short span of time between them.. One month after religiously applying Kceutic up to 5 times a day the results are incredible..

The first ten days was all about healing the burn with a renown pharmaceutical antibacterial ointment mixed with Kceutic.. Covered with a waterproof band aid, I used to give Sarah’s inner arm some breaks in between changing pads. For some exposure to the wound will help it breathe and dry a bit.. During that time the wound was still wet, red, shiny and blisters emerged on the edges. I should also mention that I never used anything my husband got from the pharmacy as I had huge faith in what Kceutic will have to offer! Resisting the temptation to scratch and peel off any skin was mastered by my daughter, after I convinced her that doing so will eventually cause scarring.. She was responsible for that I have to give it to her!

Ten days doing the above mentioned, we finally reached to a point where we stopped using antibacterial cream and removed the bandages, we solely depended on slathering Kceutic cream whenever we had the chance to! Sometimes up to 6 times per day! A picture is worth a thousand words.. Check out the before-and-after images and please note they are one month apart only!!


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What makes Kceutic special as opposed to the over-the-counter burning remedies?

The advanced formula of Kceutic helps skin maintain optimal moisture, which optimizes the recovery time. Our skin cells are mainly comprised of water, losing water results in dead skin cells, this is why Sarah’s arm beautifully healed and there is absolutely no dents in the affected area..

Kceutic’s ingredients are designed to repair thanks to glycoprotein and hyaluronic acid, moisturize thanks to shea butter, protect thanks to vitamin E and SPF 50, and last but not least soothe thanks to the K Complex. Cherry on top? It also provides complete sun protection (SPF 50 – UVA/UVB barriers), which explains why the wound never turned brown.. In fact it was healing perfectly with a lively rosy layer which indicates healing in the most beautiful way!

Need I say more? Okay, with its non-sticky oil free nature, Kceutic has a wonderful scent to it and is slightly tinted in order to mask any discoloration the area treated might have.. Absorbs quickly, free of cortisone and is packaged in an airless pump which adds longevity to its potency..


Kceutic Healing For A Nasty Burn