Dry Body Oils || 6 Reasons To Make The Switch

Dry Body Oils

One of the most reputable beauty ingredients come in the form of oils. Oils around us come in a plethora of types, sources and differ in benefits, viscosity and are packed with goodness.. However, many tend to steer away from using oils in their beauty regimens, especially when it comes to body oils. The reason? Very obvious, while baring tawny and healthy skin is a must to maintain a youthful appearance, many of us avoid oils during warm weather for one reason, the sticky residue and the slippery feel that annoyingly lingers and might ruin whatever garment we wear..

Today, we are here to switch modes, despite the need for deeply hydrating, heavy and glorious oils in wintertime, when our bodies tend to dry a lot; during summertime our bodies crave the same outcome to avoid dry skin, however, to ward off undesirable post application results, a  more lightweight and fast-absorbing dry body oil is the perfect fix for dry skin when short on time.


Which Oils Are Wet And Which Are Dry?

“Dry” oils contains higher percentages of low-viscosity oils—such as grape seed, argan, and rose hip—which have a molecular structure that gives them a lightweight feel.

“Wet” oils, by contrast, tend to feature coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, and other oils that linger on the skin longer and have a richer texture.


Dry Body Oils


The Perks Of Using Dry Oils…

  • More lightweight and fast-absorbing than rich body creams, a dry body oil is the perfect fix for dry skin when short on time.
  • They absorb into skin instantly and don’t leave a sticky residue.
  • They have a matte finish, sink in quickly—in seconds, not minutes.
  • They lock in hydration so your skin appears to have a sheer crystal layer on top minus the slippery feel.
  • You can apply to legs, arms, and décolleté minus the oiliness and  without worrying about staining clothing.
  • Great for taming frizzy hair without weighing it down or creating greasiness.
  • Some of the latest formulas now have supercharged ingredients for extra benefits, too. For example, some combine smoothing poppy seed and collagen-boosting algae that dries almost instantly. Some use sunflower seed for a super-glowy finish. Prickly pear seed oil glides over legs to help tighten and even out skin.


How To Apply Dry Oils To The Body…

The best application method is by first dry brushing limbs to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system and activate blood flow and help the ingredients penetrate deeply. For a cooling sensation that reduces puffiness, put your dry oil in the fridge for a few hours but not so long that the oils harden. Then, apply directly to damp skin to seal in hydration using gentle, sweeping strokes. There’s no need to spread between your palms or intensely massage in, since dry oils have less slip and vanish into skin fast.

Below are the best dry oils that disappear into skin, leaving nothing behind but a summer glow!


Dry Body Oils
Dry Body Oils
Dry Body Oils
Dry Body Oils
Dry Body Oils
Dry Body Oils
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