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Excessive Sweating? Here Is How To Treat It

While beach days are so much fun for some people they might be so embarrassing for others, especially for those who suffer from what is called hyperhidrosis. It is basically a condition that results in excessive sweating that causes an endless amount of worry and embarrassment. Yep, sweating is healthy and good for your body as it uses it to cool itself down when the temperature rises but it is not that pleasant situation when it draws all the eyes on you wherever you go. And if you have tried all the ways out there to get rid of this issue but nothing seemed to work, it is maybe time for a visit to your dermatologist. Here are the best ways to treat this annoying issue once and for all.


The First Step…

Before solving the issue, your doctor will start by doing some appropriate examinations to know whether your case is normal or abnormal. Also, to know the cause behind your excessive sweating. There are many causes of abnormal sweating including diabetes, thyroid disorders, a hormonal imbalance, or metabolic conditions.


1 || Antiperspirants

Topical antiperspirants use ingredients such as aluminum chloride and zinc to block your sweating glands stopping them from producing sweat. Super-strong deodorants are considered your first step in treating excessive sweating. And while they are commonly used underarms, they can also be used on the face, feet, and hands for people who have hyperhidrosis. You will find over-the-counter deodorants labeled with the word “antiperspirant”. Stronger antiperspirants are available by prescription.


2 || Neurotoxin Injections

Another popular treatment for eliminating excessive sweating is neurotoxin injections. Your doctor will inject the area that commonly sweats to paralyze the nerves that signal the sweat glands. This proof-sweating injection can be injected into the underarms, palms, soles of the feet, and even the scalp to prevent sweating. The results will start to show within two weeks and will last between 6-9 months. It is recommended to do the treatment 2-3 times a year for best results.


3 || In-Office Treatments

If you panic at the idea of a needle you may consider an in-office treatment. There are machines that supply an electric current to the sweat glands, pills that can reduce the body’s ability to sweat. Some powerful in-office machines include miraDry or lasers such as Fotona laser. These are permanent solutions that destroy targeted sweat glands without harming your skin.


4 || At- Home Treatments

In addition to using strong antiperspirants, you need to limit your spicy, fatty, or salty food intake. These foods can increase sweat production majorly because to process them your heart rates can increase, which raises your internal body temperature causing it to sweat more. So minimizing such foods can improve your body temperature regulation. Instead consume more fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water to help keeping your body cool. Another important thing is to wear clothes that are made of breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or moisture-wicking fabric. Nylon, rayon, or silk can cause you to feel hot thus sweat more.