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Problem and Solution

1 || My Skin Is Dull And Lacking The Glow…

To many, skincare routines are under control. However, a lot of women complain from a dull and lifeless complexion. Which brings us to the number one crucial skincare ingredient, vitamin C. As a serum, one must make sure vitamin C should come in a tinted bottle. Percentage also plays a big role. Depending on age, vitamin C percentage for a woman in her 20’s and 30’s differs than the percentage needed for mature skin. Another solution for dull skin comes in the form of ingestible vitamin C. Vitamin C is involved in every step of collagen synthesis in the body, without it, the collagen production will be compromised. Always look for a supplement that provides vitamin C in its liposomal form. This will guarantee the absorbing and storage of the maximum amount of vitamin C in the body rather than disposing any extra unabsorbed amount through the urine..

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Oz Naturals Vitamin C Serum
C25 by Dermaceutic
Liposomal Vitamin C Supplement
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2 || My Complexion Is Rough And Makeup Dries Off And Flakey…

This is purely a sign of accumulated dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Having this dead facade affects the full absorption of active ingredients deep into the skin. Blocked pores and dead skin cells need to be removed, physical or chemical scrubbing is needed. Physically you can use any scrub with rough molecules that tend to remove dead skin. However, chemical peels guarantee the full dissolving of the glue that holds these dead cells together, revealing the younger and healthier looking skin underneath. This allows for maximum absorbing of any product you use after..

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Turn Over by Dermaceutic
Light Ceutic by Dermaceutic
Pixi Glow Tonic
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3 || I Cant Seem To Find The Best Layer To Apply Before My Makeup…

Is it primer, for sure. But is it hydrating enough? Is it my morning cream? Or night cream. Should I apply a serum before applying my makeup? All your questions answered by the one and only cream used professionally by runway models’ famed makeup artists.. Embryolisse serves as a hydrating cream, anti-shine, primer and a makeup remover as well!


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Shop Embryolisse at CIIN


4 || I Need An Upgrade From My Typical Moisturizing Eye Cream

It is time to upgrade your eye cream when you start noticing that hydration is not what you need solely. Upping your eye cream game should involve a product that provides both peptides and retinol. These will guarantee a significant transformation of the quality of the skin surrounding the eyes. Look no further than Pixi’s FortifEYE patches.


Pixi FortifEYE Firming Eye Patches
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5 || I Have The Driest Lips And No Balm Seems To Really Sink In

This is where Homeoplasmine comes in. The ultimate balm. Its multipurpose use makes it a must in every handbag. Primarily for those who suffer from an extreme case of lips drying up.. We are here to tell you, this stuff works, penetrates totally and alters the nature of the lips. A plumping effect is guaranteed when applied before bedtime. Chapped lips and flakey patches will become a thing from the past.. Its matte nature makes it a perfect base under any type of lipstick..


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