Will HIFU And Ultherapy Dissolve Your Dermal Fillers?


Two leading facial rejuvenation procedures involve both HIFU and Ultherapy. Both are non-invasive ultrasound treatments used to lift and tighten loose and saggy skin areas as the brows, jowls and jawline. Another breakthrough injection of hyaluronic acid acts as a primary method to fill up saggy areas such as temples, cheeks and nasal folds around the nose.. The question remains, will combining both techniques ruin the targeted results? The fact that HIFU and Ultherapy involve high intensity heat shocks into deep layers of the skin where filler injections usually reside, will there be a risk of those fillers dissolving? Leaving you with wasted efforts of plumping the skin?

Many patients love the results they get from Botox and Dermal Filler treatments, yet they still want that extra lift that injections alone cannot do. By undergoing HIFU and Ultherapy, focused ultrasound heats the tissue under the skin’s surface stimulating collagen production and results in tighter skin.. Both are highly recommended, however, which one to go for first plays a major role..




Will Ultherapy And HIFU dissolve Your Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

The last thing we need, is one of those procedures cancelling out the results of the other. Having had fillers injected and undergoing any high intensity focused ultrasound will cause a mild degradation when it comes to the amount of fillers injected. Therefore, it is wise not to experiment by doing both simultaneously.

The common recommendation by dermatologists would be to do the Ultherapy treatment first, and then next week have the dermal fillers injected. However, knowing that Ultherapy and HIFU usually need 3 to 6 month to show full effect, chances are that by that time your need for fillers might be altered. As the face goes through natural muscle tightening and lifting that occurs gradually, while collagen production is on the rise, you might end up not needing fillers at all or needing much less than initially planned.

Many doctors might suggest that it is completely fine, coming from the fact that ultrasound treatments allows them to see where the fillers reside and avoiding stimulating those areas with HIFU or Ultherapy, but then again, why undergo those major lifting procedures while compromising the areas targeted, last thing you need is stimulating some parts of the facial muscles while ignoring others…




The Safest Plan..

  1. If you haven’t ever done fillers. Then Ultherapy and HIFU to start with makes more sense.. These non-invasive lifting procedures make more sense to begin with. By lifting the muscles naturally and triggering collagen production, one would achieve clear results unaffected by injectables. 4 or 5 months later, after achieving full and maximum effect, you can then resort to fillers to enhance your facial features. You will notice that you will consume much less filler..
  2. If you had already done fillers, then the plan should be allowing 3 to 4 months before undergoing ultrasound treatments. By that time, you will decrease the risk of dissolving the hyaluronic acid injected previously.


The views are different, however, spacing the 2 procedures makes more sense and remains to be more pocket friendly!