The Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs For 2019 || What The Experts Are Predicting

Beauty Experts Predicting

The beauty world is on the verge of major breakthroughs this year.. Experts are predicting many upgrade and enhancements when it comes to beauty targeted procedures, injectables, lifts and treatments.. Below are 13 aspects we will start witnessing as they emerge this year onwards..


1 || More Efficient Beauty Procedures

Regarding beauty procedures; 2019 will witness less costly, yet highly effective treatments that are a departure from the devices and injectables that have become popularized over the past several year..


2 || Botox Ugrade

Botox will perform in a faster and stronger manner.


3 || Quicker Recovery From Breast Implants

Breast implants will face an upgrade that will help in a faster healing for reconstruction.. A new internal closure device. Also, high-resolution ultrasound in breast implant follow-up will develop this year.


4 || Natural-Looking Results From Injectables

Regarding injectables, There will be more focus on enhancements that look natural and unaltered when a face is at rest and when moving..


Beauty Experts Predicting


5 || Beauty Treatments Synergy 

This year the perfection of established treatments will be noticed.. Combing them with other treatments in order to achieve a synergistic effect, or have them work better together than they did individually. Procedures like a liquid facelift, using platelet rich plasma combined with laser treatments and special infusion Hydrafacials, and lastly combining those with fillers and Botox..


6 || The Rise Of Genetic Beauty 

Be on lookout for genetic medicine designer skin care..The beauty world will be getting much closer to nonsurgical solutions for lax neck skin, cellulite and stretch marks.


7 || Cellulite and Gray Hair Breakthroughs

Cellulite is being studied in clinical trials as is trying to figure out a way to laser gray hair. If those cosmetic conundrums were able to be figured out completely, those would be two very significant breakthroughs in the cosmetic dermatology arena.


8 || Progress For Stem Cell Research

A better understanding of stem cell therapy for maintaining or regaining youth, a remedy for a wider variety of disease states and improving general health.


Beauty Experts Predicting


9 || Smile Try-Ons

Computer imaging for anticipating results of enhancements will rise.. Brought about via computer imaging, CAD/CAM, 3D printing and smile transformation predictability.


10 || Noninvasive Body Treatments

 New noninvasive devices or therapies for facial rejuvenation and body sculpting/contouring will be available..


11 || Tranexamic Acid Will Surface Up

Tranexamic acid, which when administered during surgery, offers patients a more rapid recovery by reducing post-operative bruising, swelling and bleeding.


12 || Cutting-Edge Skin Tightening 

Non-surgical skin tightening of the arms and legs through energy and topical applications.


13 || Ulthera Will Dominate

 The value of non-invasive facial tightening that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (Ulthera) will be recognized as the most effective treatment for early facial aging or for maintenance following face lift procedures.


Beauty Experts Predicting