Why You Really Need This Treatment in Your Life

Need This Treatment

It’s interesting how we treat different parts of our bodies ‘differently’. A lot of us spend time working our body to strengthen our muscles, and some of us message our bodies to reduce tension but it never occurs to us do the same for our faces. Our facial muscles work really hard and deserve some TLC as well.

Facial massage is an important element in our beauty routine that is often overlooked. CIIN gives you the lowdown on why it’s essential.


1 || Increase Circulation

Massage increases circulation of blood and oxygen to the face, this will instantly give you that coveted glow. Oxygen is a great anti-oxidant so the more oxygen you get the better. Also, the more blood you get to your face the more collagen production is encouraged.So in the long term these two will give you great anti-aging results.


2 || Wake Up

Although the skin is the largest organ in the body it is also the laziest, so wake it up with some massage stimulation. This will invigorate the skin cells and allow the skin to do its absorption job better. With time your skin will be able to absorb more ingredients from your skin care routine.

Some people go as far as to massage their faces while they apply their skin care products. Although time-consuming this helps the skin absorb more product immediately.


3 || Reduce Wrinkles

When your facial muscles are tensed wrinkles are more likely to form. Release tension from your facial muscles and curb early wrinkles with a good facial massage.


4 || Drainage

There are specific hand movements that help drain excess fluids from your face. Whether it’s that late night sushi or a drink too many a facial massage can hide the signs of your mischief.


5 || How and When

Facial massage differs from one skin type to another. If you have oily or combination skin your massage should be kept to under 10 minutes. There is always the fear of over stimulating the oil glands or even spreading bacteria around. Remember when skin is oily its easier to spread germs.

For normal to dry skin anywhere up to 20 minutes is acceptable.

If you have watched all the You Tube videos in the world and still don’t know how to do a facial massage you might want to consider celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman’s ‘facelift’ a handy gadget that many swear by.