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Beauty Secrets of Every French Girl!

How many times have you watched a youtube video for a french woman and you were really impressed by her glowing, no-makeup skin? I know, A LOT! The good news is that you don’t have to be french to enjoy their flawless beauty, you only have to be patient and follow their rules.


1 || Embrace your imperfection

Have you ever asked yourself what’s the secret behind French women’s beauty? They are perfectly imperfect. French women don’t shy away from their crazy curly hair, cute freckles, or sultry dark circles. They embrace it, thrive on it. Accept yourself and take time to experiment with what makes you feel great.


2 || Taking care NOT fixing

Taking care of the skin is the number one rule for each and every French woman. That’s why they don’t depend on makeup too much. Next time try to spend your time taking care of your skin rather than fixing it with makeup.


3 || mess it up

Too much of a good thing is bad. In your look, DON’T aim for perfection, keep things a little bit messy. It’ll give you a more youthful, fresh, and natural look. So, don’t be afraid to add a texture spray and go nuts, or blur the edges of your red lip – the more you look like it’s taken you five minutes to get ready, the better.


4 || Moderation is the key

French women are the queens of moderation and that’s their secret. The key to the mystery is you never know what to expect. They’ll only put on moisturiser to amp it up with their perfect shade of red lipstick. It’s the ultimate game of give and take.


5 || Add your own touch

As we mentioned, French women master the art of thriving on their imperfections. Take your time to experiment and find your very own makeup look, hairstyle, and accessories look that will make you shine anywhere.


6 || Don’t play by the rules

What makes French beauty so special is the rebellious spirit French women have. And as they say; “be you, the world will adjust.”