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Feel Good etc. Will Be Your Essential Hair-Care Provider After Reading This!

Essential Hair-Care Provider

Essential Hair-Care Provider

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Hair care has never felt so good with this luxurious, all-natural yet completely affordable Canadian brand with Brazilian roots. Feel Good etc. are revolutionising hair cair with their Hair Routine concept that provides a complete diagnosis of hair requirements along with hair solutions. Founded by Clarissa de Queiroz, a Brazilian living in Canada, Feel Good etc. came out of a need for proper hair care with premium ingredients that weren’t readily available in the markets. Thus Clarissa felt the need to create something to cater to that missing link which is based on the co-washing concept that Yasmeen talked about recently. Read our exclusive interview with Clarissa founder of Feel Good etc. to talk about her brand, and hair care in general.


Essential Hair-Care Provider


1 || This looks like such an amazing concept; can you further explain to us about the Hair Routine?

FeelGood Etc.’s Hair Routine is a set of 12 stages that need to be completed in order to achieve the desired results. Anyone can generate their routine for free by completing the Hair Diagnosis on the website. This service is powered by a proprietary algorithm, that generates a personalized routine based on the customer’s answers about their hair type, habits, and preferences. We match this recommendation with our line of products, and the customer gets the option to subscribe for a periodical delivery or make a one-time purchase.


Essential Hair-Care Provider


2 || How did the idea behind this concept come about?

The idea comes from Brazil, my hometown. Down there haircare is the most important part of the beauty lifestyle, and women take it seriously, me included. Our hair care routine follows three essential steps: Moisturization, Nutrition and Reconstruction.

When I arrived to Montreal I couldn’t find the necessary products to follow my hair care routine. Most of them were incomplete in the ingredients or were full of silicones and toxic components I did not wish to apply to my hair. Consequently, I had to make my own hair masks at home, with the few ingredients I could find and a few that my mom sent from Brazil.

People started asking me which products I was using, and for hair advice. That’s when I decided to create a company that would focus on the importance of the Hair Routine and the use of products made with organic premium ingredients.


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3 || Can you tell us more about Clarissa the person?

I was born and raised in Brazil and I’ve had the privilege to travel around to places that have very different cultures and lifestyles, and which have broadened my perspective and made me more tolerant and respectful. I’ve learned something different from every city I’ve visited, so I always try to apply these things to different aspects of my life and my company. Most importantly these experiences have helped me think outside the box which has been especially helpful because I’m an entrepreneur and this means being outside of my comfort zone the whole time. I am vegan by choice, which is why Feel Good Etc. is vegan and cruelty-free.


Taking care of my hair and being able to wear it naturally has been a huge source of confidence for me. I do not just use any hair products, I use the best ones, and if I don’t find them I make them.


Essential Hair-Care Provider


4 || Co-washing is an emerging concept; can you explain more about it, does it work for everyone and why do you think people should adopt it?

Conditioner Washing, or co-washing, is a technique of washing the hair in a gentler way. The conditioner has a pH level that permits the hair to be cleansed without opening the cuticles of the hair and stripping them of their natural oils. How is this possible? We have been told to never put any conditioner on the scalp, and only on the hair strands.

The straightforward explanation is: since oil dissolves oil – just like water dissolves water, – the non-synthetic or natural oils in the conditioner composition, like coconut oil, for example, work to dissolve the old-dirty oil from your hair.

People who exercise or sweat a lot should adopt this method. They can cleanse everyday, without stripping the hair and leaving it dull and dry. The magic of it is that it’s an all-in-one formula that cleanses, hydrates and conditions the hair in one step.

**Always make sure you find one conditioner that does not contain silicones, waxes or petrol derivatives.

The Feel Good Balancing Conditioner is a multifunctional conditioner perfect for Co-Washing any type of hair and can be used as a leave-in. I have been co-washing for the past 5 years and that was one of my priorities in creating the product.


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5 || We were so impressed with the articles included in your website, quite informative and beneficial, that must be difficult to maintain how do you manage to stay on top of these as well?

I think of Feel Good Etc. as more than a company that sells hair products but as a lifestyle of self-care and self-love. It is Lucía, our Marketing Director, who makes it all come to life. She writes most of the articles in the Journal and talks about her personal experiences. It’s pretty cool because this means it is a REAL JOURNAL.


Essential Hair-Care Provider


6 || Explain to us about the Feel Good etc. products and what sets them apart from other products on the market?

Feel Good Etc. is: Vegan and cruelty-free, and free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, sodium chloride, formaldehyde, phthalates, PEG’s, MEA’s, TEA’s, DEA’s, or any artificial fragrance and coloring.

Our favorite motto is: “you are beautiful the moment you feel beautiful.” We educate the customers on the benefits of clean natural products and encourage them to leave aside products and styling methods that only cause more damage to the hair and signify a potential risk to our health and the environment.


Essential Hair-Care Provider


7 || If one should follow The Calendar properly how soon should one expect to see results?

Feel Good Etc.’s Hair Routine requires effort and a change of mindset, it is not about immediate results but about results that last. Anyone should expect to see results after one cycle of their Hair Routine completed (1 month). And if they combine it with our recommendations from the Journal, the results will be visible even faster. Customers have sent me before and after pictures after their first cycle of Hair Routine, and, the results are unbelievable.


Essential Hair-Care Provider


8 || What’s the single most important hair advice you would give women?

Love your hair and let it be. Everyone’s hair can be the most beautiful hair if it’s treated well. Embrace the individuality of your hair and treat it focusing on the long-term.


Essential Hair-Care Provider


9 || A typical question, but where do you see your label in five years?

In five years Feel Good Etc. seeks to be the go-to company when it comes to premium hair care products, content and tools. Feel Good Etc. aims to offer a large gamma of hair treatments to be used at home, transforming the customer’s bathroom into their own private spa. After five years, Feel Good Etc. aims to have operations on the five continents in addition to concept stores present in strategic cities.


Essential Hair-Care Provider