10 On-Desk Essentials For Enhancing Office Beauty

On-Desk Essentials

To many working women out there, ‘self-care’ and ‘workday’ are two terms that seem to be at odds! This one goes to all working women who have to rise and shine and be present at their desks at an early hour every day! Every woman wants to bring her best face forward to the office, most of us do! However, maintaining a certain regimen during office hours and practicing certain habits daily can maintain a healthy looking state, mentally and physically, that will eventually evolve into a lifestyle.

Check out and tick off these 10 daily practices to enhance your overall health and beauty during your 9 to 5…


1 || Hydrate

Hydrating always tops any health and beauty list! It is the basis for overall health and glowing skin as well.. Staying hydrated from the inside out during office hours guarantees optimal results, always have a glass of water on your desk to sip on every now and then, aim for no less than 1.5 liters throughout the day.. Don’t favor H2O? Then use an infuser water bottle with your favorite fruit flavor.

As for your skin hydration, it is easier to carry along a bottle of pure Hyaluronic acid in your beauty pouch for locking your skin’s moisture in for longer periods of time! A facial spritzer spray delivers instant moisture and leaves your complexion feeling fresh and revitalized.




2 || Lips and nails TLC

Office hours are the perfect time where you can enhance your lips and nails overall look. Bring along your favorite products and always make sure to hydrate lips and oil your cuticles..


Lips and nails TLC


3 || Get enough vitamin C

A diet rich in vitamin C leads to fewer wrinkles. It is said that having sufficient amounts of the most potent vitamin out there will produce up to 8 times more collagen.. Always bring along your vitamin C effervescent tablets, make sure you boost your metabolism and elevate your skin conditions with one glass of that potent elixir daily!


4 || Attention To Eyes

It is very common to end up with tired, strained and dry eyes during office hours, always make sure to hydrate them with eyedrops to avoid tired-looking eyes… Another tip is to enlarge your text!


5 || Pop An Antioxidant Pill

Another supplement that will do wonders to your body and skin is the L-glutathione master antioxidant, it has endless benefits and is proven to boost your immune system and support the body’s ability to manage all sorts of oxidative stress.. If you manage to fit it into your mornings, you will be doing yourself a huge favor!


Antioxidant Pill


6 || Tea Tree Oil To The Rescue!

We all experience those unwanted- halfway-through-the-day blemishes every now and then, keeping a small bottle of tea tree oil in your cosmetic pouch will come in handy, simply dab a couple of drops onto the infected area. This natural essential oil is well-known for it’s anti-bacterial qualities and can be bought at most chemists and pharmacies.


Tea Tree Oil


7 || Have A Rich Salad For Lunch!

A lunch break is called a lunch break for a reason. It is highly recommended to get away from your desk for at least 20 minutes and taking the time to actually enjoy your food and stretch your legs. Always opt for a rich salad for lunch, add any type of protein to it and enjoy a nutricious light meal that will elevate your energy levels… A cup of soup in winter times is also another hearty option!


Rich Salad


8 || Get Up and Move

They say sitting is the new smoking! Spending eight-plus hours a day in the same position is unhealthy mentally and physically. Never sit at your desk all day, make sure to get up multiple times throughout the day for a brief reprieve—even if that just means going to the bathroom and taking the long route to the kitchen to refill your water bottle. 20-second breaks to do neck rolls and shoulder shrugs will help you relax as well!


Get Up and Move


9 || Bring On A Plant At Your Desk

A plant by your desk at work will act as an air filter. It is commonly known that indoor pollution levels can be even higher than outdoor levels. Nothing beats clean atmospheres..


On-Desk Essentials


10 || Keep Your Makeup Simple

The no makeup- makeup is the latest trend for natural looking beauty.. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Always keep your brows groomed with a fuller, more natural brow. Don’t overdo it with the foundation, pop a brightening blush to give your cheeks a warm touch, two coats of mascara and a simple liner on the eyes with a neutral gloss on the lips will keep you looking great all day long!


Makeup Simple