Beauty Sleep || Natural Damage Repair For Ideal Skin

beauty sleep

Do you know what happens to your skin when you don’t get enough sleep? Well, horrible things happen..

Let me begin by mentioning a not very familiar phrase to you;


Natural Damage Repair

Naturally and instinctively we are blessed with bodies that tend to repair the damage imposed on them as a way of self renewal and survival.. By damage we mean the many factors that lead to a breakdown in skin cells, which weakens the outer, protective layer, called the “epidermis.” Once this layer is weakened, cracked, and damaged, the skin becomes even more vulnerable to attacks from bacteria, UV rays, pollution, and more. It also becomes less efficient at holding onto hydration and nutrients.

Of course, we are instinctively and equally blessed with our immune system, which comes into play here. Just like our bodies employ nutrition, sleep and stress relief in order to keep up, repair and protect itself from the threat of damage, our skin reacts the same way… However, with more damage, our immune systems suffer and the repair process declines..

This decline is translated into visible results, in other words the things you see and simply don’t like to see.. Dark circles, redness, puffiness, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, saggy skin, dryness and more undesirable flaws are basically your skin acting out and in desperate need for repair!


What Are The Causes Of Skin Damage?

Our daily life exposes our skin to many damaging factors, to mention a few besides the sun, pollution and stress;

  • Dehydration
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excessive use of alcohol and drugs
  • Bacteria, infections and medical trauma


What Optimizes The Repair Process?

One Word; SLEEP.

It’s true when they say sleep your skin younger, as during sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases, and the organ rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots. sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth, come to think about it, committing to an amazing skin routine, using outstanding products and popping all the nurturing vitamins will never come close to what sleep offers your skin..


So, what’s a girl to do when an 8-hour sleep is far from attainable??

Fortunately, there are internal and external fixes that can help repair the damage your skin gets exposed to. Try to implement a few in order to boost the the skin reparative mode…

  1. Consume vitamin C rich foods which are essential for the production of collagen.
  2. Eat more protein essential for rebuilding cells.
  3. Increase Zinc in your diet as it aids the body in synthesizing protein, helps generate collagen for skin-tissue repair, and supports the immune system.
  4. Cut out the junk food. Too much sugar, salt, and trans fats all contribute to dryness and cell break down, resulting in premature aging and skin damage.
  5. Stock up on antioxidants, detox your system, as fewer toxins means fewer outbreaks of acne and other unattractive skin issues.
  6. Stay hydrated.
  7. Exercise pumps nutrients where they’re needed for skin repair