8 Beauty Actions You Can Perform In The Comfort Of Your Home


No matter how many spa appointments, beauty treatments, injectables and  facials we can only receive at the estheticians’ centers or doctors’ clinics, there comes a point where we are compelled to do-it-ourselves.. At home beauty care gives us the chance to shift our beauty quests, steer our attention to what we have in store, in terms of pricey creams, masks and body care products we have been stacking for a long time unwary of the fact that we rarely use them.. Good news is; there’s nothing we love more than a self-care session done at home!

Press the reset button, it’s time to rejuvenate both mentally and physically.. Check out CIIN’s 8 DIY beauty techniques you can perform at the comfort of your home!


1 || SOAK

Spending time at home can be the perfect chance for you to finally soak  your feet or your whole body in hot baths.. Melt away your worries  and opt for nourishing oils, salts that will condition your skin leaving it hydrated, soft and smooth.. Epsom salt and lavender oil are great and potent additives.


2 || MASK

Whether it’s your hair that needs an intensive hydrating treatment or your face that is longing for some TLC, you will discover that at-home mask options are endless.. Repair any damage or dry issues with deep treatments in as little as  5 – 7 minutes to work magic – just enough time to finish the first chapter of that book you’ve been meaning to read.



To be able to enjoy the bliss of better skin, exfoliation is key. Take some time out of your day to gently buff away dead skin cells for a brighter, softer finish. Facial scrubs, coffee and brown sugar body scrubs are perfect natural exfoliation options..





Doing your own nails can be a bit challenging, however, it’s an opportunity to retreat, destress, and take some well needed time away from your phone. Cuticle Oil is highly recommended.. Massage into the nail beds and allow to sink in, it provides immediate hydration and nourishment to the skin around your nails. There are many recipes online that explain how to perform a brightening mask on the back of your hands, most use turmeric and the results are outstanding!


5 || Cool

Why not double check your beauty belongings and transfer some to where they belong in order to reap their needed benefits. Ice, jade and  quarts rollers deliver fabulous results when stored in a cool place. Moreover, a few creams and serums are best kept in a cool place. Eye creams, vitamin C serums, sheet masks and many more items can be placed in the fridge..




6 || Supplement

Another way for maximizing your at-home beauty experience is doing a supplement check. Go through your medicine and vitamin storage and toss expired items, start jotting down what you need in terms of multi vitamins, collagen powders or target supplementation for hair, skin and nails..


7 || Apply

Love makeup? Chilling at home will finally provide you with the time you’ll need to explore the hundreds online sources of DIY makeup tutorials. This will allow you to have fun while you pass some time trying on different makeup techniques and approaches..


8 || Workout

Another tip you can finally explore is facial exercise. There are many videos that explain how to work out your facial muscles in order to boost collagen production and achieve a natural face lift.. You’re only a click away..