How To Tell You Are A Skin Picking Addict And Ways To Abandon That Nasty Habit

Skin Picking-Nasty Habit

Let’s begin this article by demonstrating how long-term skin picking can look like after years.. If picking on your skin has become a habit, please stop it and find yourself another one! Brace yourself, this won’t be a pleasant sight!


Skin Picking-Nasty Habit


Most people don’t necessarily see the harm in it, but today I am here to tell you that no matter how clean your fingers are or how convinced that ’manually’ fixing any skin mishap by picking is the solution, you are mistaken.. This is not a joke.. You are officially and royally ruining your skin.. Moreover, I have noticed that contrary to what you might think, skin-picking results are visible from a distance.. I find it similar to hyper-pigmentation.. I suffered from this annoying effect from heat/ sun during the Summer, but as I always take a closer look in the mirror, I couldn’t pin-point where the pigmentation was located exactly.. However, I used to clearly see it from afar, accidentally looking at myself in a mirror, the effects of skin picking follow suit, you can only realize how much damage you’ve caused only by looking at yourself in the mirror from a distance..

Surprisingly enough, skin picking is a serious issue, with -believe it or not- four types of how intense this habit can become.. If you believe you are a skin picker, then identify where you stand out of these 4 types..


1 || The Mild Picker

That’s when you are someone who only picks on a blemish.. When there are no blemishes, you keep your hands off of your face.

2 || The Moderate Picker

Moderate pickers tend to pick on anything that is raised from the skin’s surface..Any dryness, flakiness, dead skin that has a rough texture.

3 || The Advanced Picker

Even without the presence of any ski issue, advanced pickers tend to always touch their faces.. Searching for something to scratch, pick at and mess with. Those pick so aggressively to the point of make your skin bleed and scab. Ouch!

4 || The Severe Picker

Your fingers are constantly on your face scratching, picking and messing with anything and everything—even healthy skin. You pick at scabs and never give them the chance to heal. You have no control. Your skin picking causes a lot of emotional distress and problems with work, social or other daily activities. You may have a condition called Dermatillomania, which is classified as an impulse control disorder. You should seek help with a counselor or medical professional for treatment options.


Skin Picking-Nasty Habi


How dermatologists identify chronic skin pickers..

# If your skin is deeply pigmented, spotty and uneven-looking.

# If you’re someone who has previously experienced acne in younger years which triggered the desire and need to pick at blemishes.

# If your picking habit stuck regardless of acne not existing in your 30’s.

#4 When pigment cells rise to the surface, that usually occurs during your 40’s..The trauma and subsequent damage from messing with the skin starts showing up in the form of discoloration.

There are common causes for discoloration, those related to skin picking show up due to the increased melanin activity that looks very spotty. One might never realize that it’s from picking at their skin.


How do you get rid of skin discoloration resulting from picking..

The same way you get rid of any discoloration. Get rid of brown spots by following the tips below..

1 || You must first have the desire to get better. Simply give up this nasty habit. Make it a resolution.

2 || Keep your hands busy with a no picking twisty toy.. Doing puzzles, knitting, coloring and more hobbies involve using your hands and passing time..

3 || Skin peels help gradually fade the discoloration. We love glycolic acid peels.. They tend to rejuvenate and resurface new skin cells while shedding those pigmented cells caused by picking..

4 || Seek medical attention.. You are not a dermatologist.. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment to treat issues that eventually cause you to succumb to the bad habit of skin picking..


Skin Picking-Nasty Habit