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Beauty Fridges

And we thought beauty was all about products, ingredients, steps and slefies… Well, turns out all the above remain a fact, however, the story of beauty doesn’t end there. There’s a new beauty craze out there that is all the rage..

Introducing the age of ‘cool’ beauty.. We are strong believers in how mighty the effect of ice cubes proved to be when applied directly first thing in the morning to the face. Adding this cooling step to your beauty routine can and will help in reducing puffiness, tightening pores and calming sensitivity.. Moreover, we’ve always been told it’s ideal to store our products in a cool and dry place.. Personally, I keep my vitamin C serum, my eye creams and jade roller in the fridge.. Vitamin C for the sake of preventing oxidation, eye creams to help de-puff my under eye area, as for the jade roller for locking in any serum I’ve applied and help close pores..


Beauty Fridges


After witnessing the great results of cooled skincare on my complexion my one and only dream came true, I simply googled ‘beauty fridges’, because the idea of storing all my skincare in a far away fridge from my vanity was not very practical. Turns out, there’s a world of beauty teeny cute fridges out there and the options are pretty ‘cool’..

Nowadays, the beauty industry is marketing for proper beauty storage alongside actual products. Creams, serums, toners and masks that spill out of cabinets and fill up shelfies now have a curated storage place of their own.. Cleansers and body products even probiotics you name it are all cosmetics that spark joy in us and now we can enjoy the idea of keeping them, stacking them, overdosing without the guilt feeling of over cluttering, Marie Kondo.. we’re sorry! But really, can we ever have enough beauty products??

Did you know that when our creams are not properly stored chances are that mould will end up growing inside them? These cute little hideouts will protect our glorious skincare ingredients from the heat and humidity by keeping them fresher for longer, increasing shelf life is another added benefit, especially when it comes to natural products, where no preservatives are added.. Also perfect for storing makeup..

Pick your favorite out of the 7 cool beauty fridge options below so when someone comments what a fresh face you have you’ll know where it came from!


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