Our Beauty Editor’s 7-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

nightime skincare

Just as we hit all the high-points of our A.M. skincare routine, following an effective nighttime one proves to be far more significant.. Not that we are belittling the importance of layering sunscreen and vitamin C creams every morning for maximum results, however, nighttime skin rituals play the more dominant role in maintaining youthful skin. 

Let me put this in another way. Our daytime skin care method can be described as  preventative while maintaining a good skin state. On the other hand, nighttime skin care methods tackle the transformative elements; cell regeneration, skin rejuvenation, collagen enhancement and cell renewal.. Those are the game changers when it comes to achieving younger looking skin..

Having established the above, today I will be specifying all the nighttime skincare steps I usually incorporate for reaping maximum results from my chosen products, while keeping my complexion in its utmost shape..


1 || Makeup Removal

Makeup Removal is the number one necessary step in my P.M. routine. Even if I was not wearing any makeup during the day. Washing and cleansing my face from all traces of makeup, dirt and oil paves the way for maximum product absorption in later steps.. I like to use a soap free foaming face wash to remove most of my makeup first, followed by cleansing with a 3 in 1 micellar solution using a cotton pad.. I keep renewing the cotton pad until my face and neck are squeaky clean..


nightime skincare


2 || Spray Some Thermal Water 

Stemming from the fact that I don’t trust tap water! I found out that spraying thermal water onto my skin post cleansing gives it a layer of moisture. Moreover, the fact that creams tend to be better absorbed when layered on damp skin has triggered that habit for me..The soft mist puts my complexion at ease and feels so refreshing..


nightime skincare


3 || Serum Time

The best part of my ritual.. Just when my skin is ready to fully absorb any product that comes next, I quench its thirst with the most potent one.. This product depends on what my skin needs at that very moment! That’s what I learned with time, listening to my skin.. When dry I drench with hyaluronic acid serum, when dull-looking I saturate with vitamin C serum.. Sometimes I combine both simultaneously for total bliss..


nightime skincare


4 || Eye Area Session

As I give a minute or a minute and a half for my serums to sink in, I steer my focus to the eye area.. I have a considerably extensive selection of eye creams.. From the most basic and hydrating options to the highly potent and tingling ones.. Depending on my under-eye condition, I pin down my choice. Using my pinky, I apply the eye cream starting with my upper cheek bone, never touching the lower lids.. As for my upper lids, I usually apply a vitamin C infused cream which I spread all over the upper lid area just like I do with eye shadow! This helps with rejuvenating the usually abandoned eye area.. Furthermore, I pat on a thin layer of vitamin E oil on the outer corners of my eyelids; this helps big time by avoiding those droopy lids we tend to develop with age.. Last but not least, I apply my brow and lash growth serums.. You can tell I take the eyes very, very seriously!


nightime skincare


5 || Night Cream

Back to the rest of my face.. Now that the serums have settled in, I apply the night treatment depending on what my skin is hungry for.. Different seasons call for different treatments.. I like to call them high performance products. The ones that make all the difference..

In Winter: I apply my glycolic acid cream followed by an intense moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid.. Or I use my retinol cream as prescribed by my dermatologist.. 

In Summer: I seal the deal by drenching my face with an intensive moisturizing mixed with vitamin C serum.. 


nightime skincare


6 || Problem Solving Step

This involves treating any mishaps my skin might randomly suffer from. Be it a nasty pimple, cystic acne or pigmentation.. For blemishes, I use a q-tip dipped in micellar water to spot cleanse it, then I add my treatment of choice.. As for pigmentation I use a de-pigmentation lightening agent to even out my skin tone..


nightime skincare


7 || Beauty Sleep

It’s real ladies! My favorite out of all..More precisely , to me it’s the definition of ‘the fountain of youth’.. A minimum of 9 hours of sleep will give all the above meaning.. You will notice fewer wrinkles, a glowing complexion, brighter looking eyes, and above all, a healthier happier you..The most coveted beauty luxury out there.. Tried, tested and guaranteed to make you look absolutely beautiful!


nightime skincare


*I really hope that my detailed nighttime routine appeals to you.. For product information or recommendation please contact CIIN Magazine..  XXX