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10 Red Lips & Dramatic Eye Pairings To Try Now!


We’ve always been told to highlight one feature and keep the rest of the face toned down when it comes to applying makeup. This has always been an issue for me; for one, I love to rock a red lip every once in a while and especially during this festive season, whilst wanting to play up the eye drama as well. The result, the red lip always loses and I end up regretting it when I skim through my party pics afterwards. So what’s a girl to do? I’ve done the detective work and here below are a few eye makeup options that you can easily pair with your red lip that involve a bit more than just mascara!


1 || Red Lips & Gold Eye Shadow

Compliment a classic red lip with a gold that shimmers all that.


Red Lips & Gold Eye Shadow



2 || Ombre Red Lips & Nude Smokey Eye Shadow

If you have a problem highlighting both your lips and eyes then this looks is for you. Pair shimmery-nude eye shadow with a winged liner and lightly ombre red lips.


Ombre Red Lips & Nude Smokey Eye Shadow


3 || Red Lips & LOTS of Lashes

An old Hollywood glam look is the age-old pairing of red lips with super long lashes. You can add a dash of gold eye shadow on the lower lash line for some pizzaz!

Red Lips & LOTS of Lashes


4 || Red Lips & Emerald Eyes

A party-themed look that is worthy of Christmas-y festivities is the fabulous pairing of red lips with emerald lids. The trick is to blend the eye shadow in such a way that looks a bit undone.


Red Lips & Emerald Eyes


5 || Berry Lips & Violet Eye Shadow 

With the few days remaining into 2018, make the best use of 2018’s color of the year (purple) and apply it in a violet shade on your lids. Add a berry-toned lip and you’ve got yourself a party-worthy look.


Berry Lips & Violet Eye Shadow 


6 || Red Lips & Cut Crease

A cut crease has been trending for some time; though this look is not for the faint of heart but it could be worthwhile experimenting with. Check out the YouTube video below for a cut crease tutorial. You can also pair a smokey cut crease with high-gloss red lips.

Red Lips & Cut Crease


7 || Glossy Red Lips & Brown Liner

If black liner feels a tad too much at times you can flick a brown eye liner instead, pair with subtle brown eye shadow and add a glossy red lip. Brown eye liner not available? Dip a damp liner brush into your brown eye shadow.. the deepest brown you own.


Glossy Red Lips & Brown Liner


8 || Red Lips & Double Liner

Start with a classic black liner, add another liner on top of the black. It could white, silver, or actually any other color that takes your fancy might do.


Red Lips & Double Liner


9 || Red Lips & White Liner

Not sure how I feel about this one but here goes. You can either apply white liner to upper and lower lashes; not only does it make your eyes look bigger, but it can also disguise signs of late nights and such. Or you can just opt to line the lower lashes with white for a subtler take on this look.


Red Lips & White Liner


10 || Dark Red Lips & Smokey Blue Eyes

Another party look to rock this time of year is Kim Kardashian-approved. Pair smoky blue shadow and red lips for quite the statement-making look. Not an easy task, but one that you must try out.


Dark Red Lips & Smokey Blue Eyes