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You Can Inject Semi-Permanent Makup On Your Face Now? But Would You Dare??

Semi-Permanent Makup

Have you ever wished for a flawless complexion 24/7? Imagine waking up with a perfect spot-free face and never having to wear foundation or the likes again? Sounds too good to be true? It could be but we will not rule this out prior to doing our required investigation. BB Glo is a new microneedling procedure recently introduced in the United States that injects the skin with a semi-permanent BB cream offering coverage that could last up to a year. Read all about it below….


Semi-Permanent Makup


How Is It Done?

At the clinic that is based in New York City, BB Glo was introduced earlier this year and though people are highly skeptical of a procedure that promises that oh-so-sought-after flawless complexion, yet the co-founder of Glo Skin & Laser Aishe Balic explained that in two sessions the skin would look like you are wearing a full but lightweight base of makeup. Using the microneedling technique, the procedure works by inserting makeup one-millimeter deep inside the skin, exactly the same as injecting the skin with serums or vitamin C. Also exactly the same as inserting makeup tattoo on your eyebrows or your lips.


Why Do IT?

BB Glo promises to even out your skin tone, remove hyper pigmentation and completely hide away any flaws or problems in the skin. It is highly recommended for people with red skin as it eliminates rosacea and broken capillaries. This treatment can also make the skin look more radiant due to the inclusion of silica, which is a light-reflecting ingredient that bounces the light off the skin.


Semi-Permanent Makup



The whole procedure might take up to four hours; one hour for numbing the face and the three remaining hours for actually inserting the BB makeup. As for the cost, two sessions at the Glo Skin & Laser clinic will take you down $400.



Waking up with a flawless complexion is a dream come true. Not having to bother with applying coverage in the morning, not only saves time, but saves you a pretty buck as well. Not having to worry about makeup slipping during exercise or hot weather is another important pro to consider. However, applying sunscreen is still a crucial step.


Semi-Permanent Makup



Some dermatologists warned that there is not enough evidence to support the idea of makeup safely interacting with skin particles when injected deeply into the skin. There is also the risk of developing an allergic reaction to the makeup after being injected, as well as fear of delayed rashes, inflammatory reactions, or granulomas which is a type of scarring.

People with cystic or active acne, as well as people with a history of keloidal scars, eczema, and psoriasis are required to consult with their dermatologists prior to embarking on such treatments.



There are a few catches to this procedure however; Balic explains. The treatment is so new that the formulas used in it have to be imported from Russia and hence they’re not FDA approved. Additionally and also because they’re imported from Russia they don’t come in darker shades to accommodate darker skin tones.


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So wether this procedure becomes mainstream or not, only time will tell. It is still at the experimental stage given the fact that no long-term data has yet been gathered. My personal feel is that it might take off.. given some time! Just like years ago, no one would’ve imagined that tattooing your eyebrows or your lips with semi-permanent makeup will become a beauty staple but here we are…..