Dr. G’s Cream || Not Just Another Hand Cream!


It seems that the constant obsession with skincare applied on the face has taken away so much attention from our overworked, exhausted hands skin.. By now, it’s officially the end of summer, and it’s hitting hard on us, it’s especially rough on our hands!

Our hands do a lot, yet we somehow ignore them.. Personally, I always tend to avoid hand creams to keep my rings sparkling bright as constant lotions and potions applied on the hands tend to damage jewelry.. What a lame excuse.. Knowing the amount of dryness, sun exposure, chemicals in soaps we use daily put a big load on the nature of our hands.. The result, without the right targeted hand cream, our hands will naturally begin to show signs of aging, much earlier than our face skin that is..

Still, finding the best hand cream is easier said than done. So many of them are either too watery, too sticky, or too fragranced. Leaving you feeling quite uncomfortable to an extent where you’d rather keep them dry.. Today, we’re putting you ladies out of this misery by introducing G Cream…




Dr. Gisele Al Koussa, who is a pharmacist / cosmetologist has developed the perfect formula for us.. G Cream is a new pharmaceutical line/brand she has been developing over the past year. The newly developed hand cream is the savior to your aging hands..  It has rejuvenating, anti-aging, and skin moisturizing features with SPF-10, and includes vitamins C and E, shea butter, aloe vera, and grape seed extracts. The texture itself is oil-rich, with a combination of jojoba, coconut, almond and argan, however, it doesn’t leave any undesirable aftereffect.. The fragrance is heavenly, subtle and feminine.. The packaging and size is very practical as well.. It was developed with such precision that convinces one it’s not yet another hand cream..




Below, a few tips on caring for your hands the ideal way…

#1 Wash your hands with tepid water, avoid hot water as it is super drying to your skin.

#2 Apply your hand cream on damp hands..

#3 Make sure your chosen hand cream -unless it was G Cream- has a minimum of 10 SPF within its ingredients..

#4 Apply more often than you think..

#5 Indulge in a manicure at least once a month, one that cleans, exfoliates and massages your hands…

#6 Steer away from harsh soaps and foams, there are many available that are hands friendly and chemicals-free..

#7 Always wear rubber gloves when doing chores that require wetting your hands..