10 Celebs Share Their Top Beauty Summer Secrets

Celebs Beauty Secrets

It’s officially here! Summer that is, and before you bid the gloomy indoors a decent farewell and run outside to solidly enjoy the warmer weather, we offer you a tip or two from a few gorgeous celebrities who are here to make sure that your skin, hair, and health is protected and ready for the hotter months ahead. Ready?


#1 Khloé Kardashian: ‘Remember to Put SPF on Your Hands’

Kardashian is a strong believer in remembering to protect your hands. The hands are the first to show signs of aging. Her top tip is keeping SPF bottles in your car. Because of how much our hands are exposed to the sun when we’re driving and holding onto the steering wheel.


Khloé Kardashian


2 || Beyoncé: ‘Waterproof Your Makeup by Using Powder and Cream Products’

Makeup that won’t melt off with sweat has always been Beyonce’s challenge.. The singer recommends using both powder and cream products to lock in your makeup.. When using a cream foundation top it with some kind of invisible setting powder or something very sheer, such as trying mattifying moisturizer and water-based foundation if you’re oily. Also, if you use a cream blush, use a powder blush. Same applies for cream eyeshadow, set it with powder eyeshadow. This duality helps your makeup become quite waterproof and last longer..




3 || Blake Lively: ‘Condition Before Shampooing to Protect Blonde Hair from Chlorine’

Blake is known to maintain her signature dirty-blonde color and avoid brassiness by following a special routine; especially when she’s swimming in chlorine-filled pools, conditioning before shampooing. Blonde hair is porous, and to avoid absorbing chlorine conditioning pre shampooing is her advice.. By doing so, you will fill the hair, so it won’t absorb as many minerals that can cause brassiness..


Blake Lively


4 || Jennifer Lopez: ‘Highlight Your Hair with Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile Tea’

If you’re looking to steal Lopez’s signature highlighted honey-blonde hair color, Jennifer always highlights her hair by creating a DIY hair mist made of lemon juice, aloe vera, and chamomile tea. After oxidizing in the sun, the lemon juice will slightly lift your hair’s color, while the tea and aloe will condition and treat it, giving you sun-kissed locks.


Jennifer Lopez


5 || Kim Kardashian: ‘Don’t Forget to Use Lip Balm with SPF’

Kardashian recommends purchasing lip balm with SPF in it, keeping your lips hydrated and soft is quite a challenge during hot summer days, it is important to know that you can burn your lips if unprotected, just like your skin..


Kim Kardashian


6 || Lauren Conrad: ‘Sleep with Moisturized Feet in Cotton Socks’

Summertime calls for sandals-ready feet, Conrad recommends scrubbing your feet clean of any excess skin in shower before moisturizing them with a generous amount of lotion before bed. Then, while you sleep, slip your feet into cotton socks. Conrad swears that you’ll wake up with beautiful and clean feet ready for barefoot walks.


Lauren Conrad


7 || Olivia Culpo: ‘Use a Hydrating Mist to Avoid Cakey Makeup’

If you’re looking for an easy way to touch up cakey makeup, Culpo recommends a good hydrating spray. The model, who uses one by Evian, swears by the method to avoid cakey makeup and make her glam look more dewy.


Olivia Culpo


8 || Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: ‘Use Oils to Protect Hair from Chlorine’

Huntington-Whiteley knows another way to protect blonde hair from chlorine: oils work to prevent chlorine from stripping your hair of its color.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


9 || Rihanna: ‘Use Leave-in Conditioner’

If you can avoid your blow dryer and straightener in the summer, that’s a plus. If that’s not your case then Rihanna swears by leave-in hair conditioning.. Apply it in the morning and reapply mid-day. Rihanna advises wearing your hair up and piled on top of your head as putting your hair up will also keep it protected.




10 || Ariana Grande: ‘Drink Lots and Lots of Water’

Ariana recommends this to make sure your skin doesn’t get any breakouts or dry areas. It’s also really good for your hair, especially if you have color-treated hair.


Ariana Grande