10 Tips On The Art Of Layering Perfume || Your Story, Your Blend

Layering Perfume

Any element when combined with a unique and instinctive personal touch is transformed into a work of art.. It becomes a signature, a one-and-only, a staple. When talking fragrance, personalization exceeds all. When you get to use your instinct and push your boundaries, when you play around with the norm and concoct your individuality, rest assured you have evolved and become an artist..

Fragrance made by you , through a process of layering, trials and errors, will fulfill that missing feeling of what-if. After all no one knows what you like better than you do. As you master layering different scents you will create a blend with a twist.


Before You Start

To be able to combine your scents, you first need to understand the different layers in individual fragrances. The top note is what you smell right away when you spray it, the sparkling and vivacious fresh notes. The middle note is the heart of the fragrance and is usually warmer and softer. And finally, the bottom note is what develops last and what stays with you for hours—long after the top notes have disappeared.


What Fragrances Go Well Together?

Always try to combine two fragrances that have a common note—jasmine, for instance—and go from there. You can be more adventurous and combine different notes as a spice and a vanilla. There is no right or wrong. Create your very unique fragrance cocktail with the help of the 8 tips offered to you below..


1 || A general rule of thumb is to start with lighter perfumes on clothes and put stronger out on the skin, so even if the perfume evaporates from clothes – inside you remains fragrant. As for applying directly on skin, heavier scents should be sprayed first so they don’t overpower their lighter counterparts..

2 || Always aim to layer fragrances from a single note or lighter. If you combine different notes from different fragrances, it may lead to an intense mix that will cause a headache.

3 || Stay in the same family, such as woody, floral, fresh and citrus as they can infuse well with each other. Musk fragrances go well with floral ones. Apply musk first and floral later. A warm springtime fragrance with tangy ylang-ylang and hints of jasmine is a classic mix.

4 || Keep in mind that it all begins after the shower, layering different fragrances on damp skin as you apply body lotions, deodorants or mists means you are creating a basis to whatever fragrance you choose later.

5 || Enjoy experimenting, it’s quite fun. See what goes well with what.

6 || Fragrant oils provide a surefire way for a lasting scent, do so before using any perfume.


Layering Perfume


8 || How you apply your perfume or mix of scents does matter a lot. Apply scents at different pulse points like neck, elbow or wrists. Also, the easiest way is to apply scent inside your arms for long lasting fragrance.

9 || Remember that layering means mixing, pressing two or more fragrances in one place and resulting in a new scent. Not just a random act of spraying allover..

10 || When trying out different fragrances, smell coffee beans in between to cleanse your nose palette.