Miracle Grow || Laser For Hair Growth Not The Opposite!

Miracal Grow

Laser and hair are forever related. Getting rid of undesirable hair growth in certain parts of our body has been the bread and butter of almost all beauty clinics. As we previously discussed new beauty treatments innovations thanks to the brains behind the beauty industry, we described in detail what is provided to us so far regarding the upgrade in fat grafting.. Today, we will present you with a new innovation that promises to have a successful future.. Miracle Grow..

Back to laser, besides hair removal, laser techniques have been widely used on the skin for multiple purposes that all fall under one umbrella; skin resurfacing.. Obliterating layers of dead skin to reveal baby-fresh skin. The new age of exploiting laser has arrived, by applying laser energy to help hair grow in places where it hasn’t for years. Fotona laser which employs photobiomodulation, a form of gentle deep heat— is being currently tested, using it to stimulate the stem cells of dormant hair follicles and encourage regrowth. This is achieved when laser energy penetrates the tissue, where it interacts with chromophores and induces a complex set of reactions that increases circulation, reduces inflammation and helps restore normal cellular function.

Currently, there are no clinical studies to prove the efficacy of this hair growth treatment, but there are controlled studies being planned. Doctors have in fact seen results, some patients have benefitted from Miracle Grow as a crucial part of a long-term plan that also includes a course of hair supplements such as Nutrafol, DuoZyme and Quercetin, as well as topical treatments and sometimes platelet-rich plasma therapy- PRP.