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Amazon Launches An Exclusive Skincare Line That Works FAST!

Amazon Skincare Line

Is there anything that you can’t find on Amazon? For an Amazon fan like myself the news that Amazon is launching a new skincare line shouldn’t come as a shock! There clearly is a beauty revolution going on, with everyone wanting a piece of the beauty pie, thus it should come as no surprise that Amazon will want in. The Fast Beauty Company (FBC) is a new, highly efficient and very affordable, skin-care line from sisters Simona and Diana Kubasova that launched exclusively at Amazon.


Amazon Skincare Line


The Kubasova sisters are models, influencers, and globetrotters and time is of the greatest essence for these two. Which is why The Fast Beauty Company was founded on the concept of a skincare line that works effectively FAST given their super busy schedules. Partnering with Amazon and dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali; their endless research resulted in a line of sheet masks for the face, neck and décolletage, as well as micellar wipes which are all sold exclusively on Amazon. This is the first round of product launches from the brand, with each product targeting a different skincare concern.


Amazon Skincare Line


Their line focuses on natural ingredients in higher concentrations which would allow the ingredients to quickly penetrate and do their work. Their ‘Dive-In’ collection features the beloved hyaluronic acid alongside plant-based collagen to plump and hydrate the skin. The ‘Clarity’ collection is formulated with charcoal and rosemary to clear up the complexion. While their ‘Drink-Up’ collection is an anti-inflammatory line with hibiscus and argan extract.

In the future, look out for their micro-needling patches, moisturisers, face and body scrubs, and peel-off masks, in addition to other “boundary-breaking” launches that they are still keeping under wraps.


Kissing Bible! Under Eye, Lip, Neck Biocellulose Masks
5 Pairs Eyespresso Brightening Gold Honey Comb Under Eye Masks with Hyaluronic & Collagen
Stick Your Neck Out! Smoothing Biocellulose Neck Mask with Argan & Hibiscus
Eye Candy! Smoothing Biocellulose Eye Patches with Argan & Hibiscus
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