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Laughter Lines Need Not Deter Your From Rocking Your Best Eye!

Rocking Your Best Eye

Crow’s feet or laughter lines as we prefer to call them are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they’re a testimony to the many laughs and loves we’ve experienced and still hope to have in our lives. Embracing and loving these lines however, doesn’t mean that we should simply accept the fact that eye makeup can get a little challenging. How can we apply the best eye makeup looks without fear of  eyeshadow creasing or worse, transferring into unfamiliar territory? Below are some tips.


Rocking Your Best Eye


Switch to a small soft eyeshadow brush.

Switch from your trusted eyeshadow brush – which is probably somewhat larger than your eyelid – to a smaller softer and more precise brush. The large brush covers a larger surface area and this puts you at risk of extending the eye shadow into your fine lines. Make sure your brush has super soft bristles that are densely packed


 Tap It Off

This may seem obvious but alway remember to tap off excess eyeshadow and to gradually build up color. You want to avoid having excess eyeshadow fall off into the crevices and creases.


Rocking Your Best Eye


Avoid Shimmer

Sorry to tell you but at this point you may want to stay away from shimmery eyeshadow. Go for matte or satin finishes instead; as these are less likely to leave behind any traces or specks of glitter. If a certain look begs for glitter, your only option would be to apply it to the center of your eyelid by pressing and dabbing. In that case it’s ok to extend it to the inner corner of your eye for an eye opening effect.


Avoid too dark creases

Avoid applying a very dark shadow in the creases as this can accentuate the fact that the lids have recessed a bit. Along the same lines avoid applying too much dark shadow on the outer corner of your eyelid as this could look more wrong than right. Blend like-colors well and extend them carefully.


Rocking Your Best Eye


Skip lining the lower lid

You are trying to pull people’s eyes up not down so don’t use a harsh eyeliner on your lower eyelids. If you need some definition on the lower lid, apply a very subtle line of eyeshadow at the lash line.


Attempt a nude smokey eye

Do use nude colors to create a smoky eye. There are many tutorials online.


Rocking Your Best Eye


Concealer goes last

Apply concealer at the end so it doesn’t get ruined and you end up having to reapply it.  Extend your concealer outward and upward at the outer corner of your eye towards your temple to smooth the lines and give you the illusion of a lifted eye.