Got Cystic Acne? || Check Out The Anti Bump Solution

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We’ve all struggled with cystic acne. That type of acne that develops deep in the skin and emanates sudden excruciating pain which develops into a bumpy blind pimple the day after.. This impulsive outgrowth is in fact a massive inflammation deep within the skin, lingers for weeks and is extremely stubborn in nature.. I personally suffer from cystic acne at least once every couple of months, it happily resides in my chin area, and in my case I reach to a point where I resort to painkillers, I can even feel the lymph-nodes underneath swell in a desperate attempt to annihilate this immense infection..


Cystic Acne


Anyway, I have tried every single spot treatment out there, from antibacterials to acid-based peeling products and super-drying ingredients.. I experimented with both cold and hot packs to expedite the healing process; cold to ease the pain and localize the infection whereas hot to accelerate blood circulation and breaking down of the infection, all to no avail, nothing worked..! Turns out cystic acne has a life-span, and the minute I exhausted all means of defeating it, all I do now is kill it with kindness. I pamper it with my daily skincare rituals.. Vitamin C Serum, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E gel and K-ceutic cream.. All in pursuit of maintaining the outer layer of my skin and prevent any acne outburst from wrecking havoc with my outer skin layer.. It worked!

However, this never stopped me from keeping an eye on the latest and greatest when it comes to cystic acne solutions, that’s when I bumped into a Renee Rouleau article which featured the ‘Anti Bump Solution’.. The formerly named ‘Anti Cyst Treatment’ is a powerful spot treatment formulated to provide a quick recovery from cystic acne. When used immediately on a newly formed cyst, chances are a 50% quicker recovery (if not faster) is noticed. With 30+ years of proven results, this treatment promises to beat pricy cortisone injections..


Cystic Acne Renee Rouleau


Anti Bump Solution can also be used to treat infected ingrown hairs, new blemishes that have not come to a head as well as reducing the appearance of painful cysts anywhere else on the body. Formulated without phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates and gluten, the Anti Bump Solution is a vegan product..

  • Best when applied (one drop is all you need) to clean skin as soon as cyst becomes visible. When used in the morning or evening, first perform your regular routine. Next, take a damp tissue or q-tip and wipe the affected area clean before applying. Anti Bump Solution should be applied as the last step. Use day or night until the bump is no longer visible. This treatment can be effective for older cysts that are still lingering under the skin and stopped being painful. 

If you are often prone to developing cystic acne, the Anti Bump Solution can be used 2-3 times a week (or even daily) as a preventative serum.