8 Beauty Product Hacks That Will Save You A Buck Or More

Beauty Product Hacks

We all love a worthy, decent and timely piece of advice every now and then.. Those little hacks that tend to stick in our brains more than anything.. When it comes to beauty and skincare products, the sky is the limit with the plethora of to-do’s that generally don’t fall under the umbrella of what the product is actually meant to do… Personally, I never toss any cream that didn’t do good to my facial skin, I just shift its usage to another part of the body that needs less TLC instead of judging it as ill-fitting.. Below, a compilation of the top beauty hacks regarding the products we own for you to maximize their usage..

There are two main benefits to using less eye cream: the first is that you save money. It’s no secret eye creams tend to be pricier, so using less means you’ll be able to restock less often. The second is that using less may be making the eye area age slower. Yes, you heard me right! Applying too much eye cream can actually end up backfiring because the excess can seep into the eyes, which can cause irritation and swelling. This could also cause you to wake up with more puffiness in the morning, which over time stretches the skin and leads to a loss of elasticity. Premature wear and tear is the last thing the skin around the eyes need so use eye cream sparingly.


1 || Cotton Balls Are Stealing Your Product

There’s such a thing as toning/ cleansing cloths, known to use 50% less product than the traditional cotton balls, accused to be stealing your toner or cleanser. Owning and using these cloths really allows you to get the most out of liquid products like toner or eye makeup remover.


2 || Eye Creams Come In Small Containers For A Reason

Go easy on eye cream… Despite the fact that the eye area is very sensitive to many and one of the first zones to show signs of aging, it does not mean you are required to slather amounts of eye cream like there’s no tomorrow..  More is not better in this case, our skin can only absorb so much, what all this boils down to is that eye creams are formulated to work hard for you, and a little goes a long way. What you can do as well is exfoliate the dry area under the eyes first and then apply the eye cream. If you try to apply eye cream without removing these dead cells first, you’re just trying to rehydrate dry cells which makes no sense..


3 || Hold Your Makeup Remover Over Your Eye For at Least Thirty Seconds

The eye area is so delicate, it’s really worth taking the extra time to treat it super gently. This means avoiding unnecessary rubbing when you’re removing eye makeup. Instead, saturate a cotton pad or toning cloth with a gentle eye makeup remover, then hold the pad on your eye area for thirty to sixty seconds to give your eye makeup a chance to dissolve.


Beauty Product Hacks


4 || Toner Kept Damp Maximizes You Next Product Absorption

when you leave a toner damp on your skin before applying your next product, it allows you to spread that product more easily. Whether the product is a serum or moisturizer, you won’t end up needing to use as much and it will last longer. An added bonus is that damp skin is thought to be ten times more permeable than dry skin, so your serum might actually penetrate deeper within the skin to enhance the results


5 || Other Uses For An Exfoliating Acid Serum

Those can be used on bumpy body skin and as cuticle dissolvers. Basically, anywhere you experience dry or bumpy skin. As well as on dry cuticles overnight..


6 || Acne Treatments For Bug Bites..

You might be overlooking something already in your medicine cabinet: you acne spot treatment. Look for ingredients like sulfur, zinc oxide, and calamine as these are some of the best for alleviating itchiness and calming swelling.


7 || Extremely Dry Skin? Don’t Rinse Off Your Hydrating Mask

Try leaving a cream-based hydrating mask on overnight instead of rinsing it off. This will create an occlusive layer over your skin to “trap” moisture in.


Beauty Product Hacks


8 || Antibacterial Acne Treatment to Prevent Clogged Pores From Glasses

Wearing glasses can present a real challenge if you’re acne-prone. They’re constantly in contact with your face, which means they’re picking up dirt and oil and spreading it around. It’s not uncommon for people to get congestion in the areas where their glasses touch their faces, so I suggest using a product to create a protective barrier.