Why Some South Korean Women Are Skipping K-Beauty All Together

Korean Women Skipping K Beauty

Just when we jumped on the Korean beauty bandwagon the women of Korea are embracing ‘skip-care’. Well, we aren’t that surprised actually, K-beauty is one heck of a demanding 11 step beauty routine, and the women of Korea have had enough of it apparently.

South Korea is one of the greatest plastic surgery capitals of the world, with excruciatingly unrealistic beauty standards set. In line with the #metoo movement the women of South Korea have decided to shed these ideals with the “Escape the Corset’ campaign. Their collective dismay has resulted in piles of beauty products destroyed at public events. Although this sort of rebellion sound pretty normal in USA for example, South Korea’s strict men-centric culture makes this campaign unique and courageous.


south korean women-skipping k-beauty


Will the campaign result in a destruction of the K-beauty industry? Probably not but it is a step in the emancipation of Korean women. The video that best reflects this has garnered 5.5 million views so far. It shows a woman labouriously applying creams, foundation, eyeliner and fake eyelashes – presumably her daily routine – as a series of messages she’s apparently received in the past flash across the screen.

One says, “I would kill myself if I were you.”

Then she takes off all the makeup and says to the viewer, “Don’t be so concerned with how others perceive you. You’re special and pretty just the way you are.”