7 Decades Of Beauty || Cosmetic Procedures For Every Age

Decades of beauty

All it ever was and will continue to be for years to come is that daily look in the mirror.. The gaze that lets a woman depict where she stands in terms of beauty and aging in this modern world..  To few, looking in the mirror is hard, especially when over the age of 40. Over-analyzing every single wrinkle, dark spot, blemish and the general loss of volume; proves we are forgetting a crucial element, the beauty of age and how to embrace it.. Sounds familiar?

We are living in a time where a plethora of cosmetic enhancements are provided from your 20’s up till your 70’s and beyond.. No age limit, no ideal time to resort to reinforcements exists.. Below, a decade by decade guide to what a woman has on the table in terms of age-appropriate procedures..


In Your 20’s…

Decades of beauty


It’s the decade often referred to by the pros as ‘pre-juvenation’..Prevention must be your method, this changes the course of how you will age.

  • ‘Baby Botox’ treatments with neurotoxins can be used in areas with dynamic wrinkles before they become static.
  • Sunscreen is a must.
  • Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits in terms of diet and exercise is what helps prevent future signs of aging.
  • If you smoke, quit now!
  • Light peels are ideal in your 20’s, Salicylic acid peels refine pores and brighten dull skin.


In Your 30’s…

Decades of beauty


That’s when pigmentation and texture evolve to become your biggest beauty concern. Certain shifts in skincare are important..

  • Regular, low-density, non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing and micro-needling will renew and refresh skin.
  • Botox is important to treat early wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet.
  • Juvéderm Volite, a skin conditioning Hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable, will provide your skin with a natural glow.
  • Thread lifts can be applied in your late 30’s if you need that temporary lift… These absorbable sutures help to lift facial tissue and reposition it in an upward, outward direction.


In Your 40’s…

Decades of beauty


The day is yours woman! At the age of 40 to 50 you earn the right and reason to indulge in many beauty treatments and procedures.. You’ve already had children, if not, you must celebrate that amazing age of maturity and self-exploration…

  • Mommies might consider ‘Mommy Makeovers’ to restore their breasts and abdomen. This includes breast surgery, liposuction and a tummy tuck.
  • As collagen and facial fat is depleted,  fillers can help restore fullness and volume to your cheeks..
  • Upper and lower eyelid surgery becomes an option as well..


In Your 50’s…

Decades of beauty


This decade you will -if you haven’t already- notice that your metabolism is falling off a cliff. Hormones, medications, peri-menopause and menopause, stress and lack of exercise only complicate the problem. It’s the age where you give in and truly start believing in the powers of plastic surgery..

  • Fat-reduction and muscle-building treatments can help counteract mother nature.
  • Consider a blepharoplasty, fillers and laser skin resurfacing.. As the loss of elastin, collagen and bony remodeling occurs, especially after menopause.
  • Facelifts, neck-lifts, mini-lifts, and/or eyelid surgery. Nothing can replace real surgical results.


In Your 60’s

Decades of beauty


As a continuation of your 50’s beautifying goals, your 60’s call for facial rejuvenation.

  • Address skin quality with different laser options.
  • Restore facial volume with dermal fillers.
  • Erase fine lines with neurotoxins.
  • Tighten skin with facelifts, brow-lifts and/or neck-lifts.
  • Consider hair transplants if hair loss has progressed with age or has become permanent, this will help restore density in the front.
  • If hair thinning is more diffuse throughout, scalp micro-pigmentation or camouflage is a great nonsurgical option to create the illusion of thicker, denser hair.


In Your 70’s And Beyond…

Decades of beauty


By now, and as the term ‘aging gracefully’ is mostly addressed to women your age, you will start to understand what it refers to.. A woman who has aged gracefully is a woman who has maintained her facial bone structure in its optimal form.. Meaning, full protruding cheek bones, a defined jawline and chin.. Procedures that might concern you include the following..

  • Spider veins in the legs can be treated with sclerotherapy and lasers. However, varicose veins may need surgical intervention.
  • Sculptra Aesthetic; is an injectable cosmetic filler used to restore facial volume lost due to aging or illness. It contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic substance that stimulates collagen production. Used to mimic bone to restore bone loss and improve layers above it like the fat compartments, dermis and epidermis.
  • For those who have already had their eyes and face done at a younger age, injectables can help enhance; for others, a second surgery may be more appropriate.