Makeup Tricks To Embrace Your Natural Beauty In Your 40s And Beyond

Let’s face it; we get old, so does our skin. And instead of fighting and panicking about this truth, why don’t we try to embrace it in the best way we can. Because as they say: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Instead of feeling really down about your fine lines each time you look at the mirror, try to celebrate them. Each line on your face tells a story of love, passion, success, joy, and even pain that have made you the wise person you are today. So Love and be compassionate with yourself.

Done with the emotions? This is not an article that will tell you how to look younger, but rather how to accept your beauty no matter your age. Let’s talk makeup and how can you embrace your skin changes in the best way ever. Here are some makeup tricks that you need to consider to glow, shine and emphasize your natural beauty. (Remember; you don’t need to fight to look younger).


1 || Sweep Blush Up High

Naturally, your face may look taller due to gravity. This means you need to give the illusion of higher cheekbones. You can do this by applying your blush on the highest point of your cheeks. Go for warm pinks, apricots, or bronzes since they create less contrast. A pro tip? go for creamy formulas blush and bronzer wise.


2 || Fake Cheekbones

Bring your highlighter, bronzer, and/ or contour kit to get the cheeks of your dreams. Use a moisturizing highlighter or moisturize your face thoroughly before applying your powder highlighter to bring a youthful healthy glow. Start by highlighting the areas you want to bring out, then use bronzer to reduce the pouch that sometimes appears near the jawline and lift cheekbones by blending correctly and make sure not to apply too much of it.


3 || Open Your Eyes

You can give the illusion of wider more open eyes in two ways. You either line only your upper lashes because putting liner underneath your eyes can make them appear smaller and highlight dark circles. Go for shades like peach, rose, gold and avoid silver and dark shades as it draws out dark circles. The other way to open your eyes is by using a nude eyeliner (skip white) and line your bottom waterline for an instantly wide-eyed effect. One swipe and your eyes will appear wider, brighter, and more awake.


4 || Fill in Your Brows

Brows make a huge difference. As you grow older your brows may become thinner which means you need to fill them correctly to define your face. Use a brow pencil, or even better, a brow powder to gentle define your brows.


5 || Consider Moisturizing After Foundation

We all moisturize before applying foundation for easier and more glowy application. But did you know that you need to use a bit of moisturizer afterward too? Why? Doing so can help you achieve the strobing effect without using a highlighter and give your tired skin a healthy, dewy radiance. Another tip regarding foundation is not to apply it all over your face and swap yours for a lighter one.


6 || Did You Curl Your Lashes Today?

With age, your eyelashes flatten… That said you need to start using your eye curler to left these babies up. You need to make everything goes upward, against gravity.


7 || Conceal Wisely

You don’t need concealer everywhere on your face. Next time you apply your concealer try to warm it on the back of your hand then apply only on the areas of discoloration or the hollows under the eyes… Remember that less is more and don’t forget to blend it well.