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Makeup Expiry Dates || The Hard Truth!!

Makeup Expiry Dates

Just like we would do a spring cleaning of our wardrobe, our house, our fridge (okay that would probably be a weekly thing), we should schedule a makeup cabinet cleaning, and yes that would entail throwing out a few of our precious products …the horror! But makeup products have expiration dates much like everything else in life and believe it or not but we all need to abide by these dates …. there’s a catch though! The expiration date of any makeup item is related to the date you first started using this item and not on the date you actually purchased the item (or even the date printed on the product in some cases).

So what if you cannot remember the actual date you started using that mascara or that foundation? Do you have to keep a log now? Because it actually sounds a lot easier to just follow the dates on the bottles! A general rule of thumb to help you out here would be the fact that products that have more moisture in them, example foundation or mascara have shorter lives. Of course once you start noticing a change in consistency or the smell has gone off you know the product is not good anymore. So you wouldn’t want to risk having that trapped bacteria seep into your eyes or skin to cause eye infections and breakouts! Continue reading to find out how long a product can last and how to keep it fresh for longer.


1 || Foundation: 6-12 months



Toss it out if the consistency changes or if it starts smelling foul; even if that happens before the 6 month mark. Avoid touching the tip of the bottle; gradually drip the foundation onto the back of your hand and then start applying it.


2 || Mascara: 3 months



This is one of the most important tips; but you simply have to replace your mascara regularly (as in after 3 months) or you run the risk of developing styes or getting eye infections. Never share your mascara and replace it sooner if it starts getting lumpy or starts to smell.


3 || Liquid Eyeliner 3-4 months

Liquid Eyeliner


Never share your liquid eyeliner with anyone. Toss it out if it starts irritating you or if it changes smell.


4 || Gel Eyeliner: 2 months

Gel Eyeliner


The perfect ground for bacteria; replace after two months at the latest.


5 || Eyeliner & Brow Pencil: 12 months

Eyeliner & Brow Penci


The reason why these pencils last longer than others is because they get sharpened. Store in a cool dry place.

6 || Liner, Lipstick, and Gloss: 12 months

Liner, Lipstick, and Gloss


Keep your lipsticks in a cool dry place. Replace glosses if the smell changes, if they dry out or change texture or if they simply start to irritate and dry up your lips.


7 || Powder & Blush: 24 months

Powder & Blush


Anything in powder formula will last the longest.


8 || Multiple Stick & Cream Blush: 12-18 months

Multiple Stick & Cream Blush


Always use clean hands when applying these products. Throw them out if you notice a change in the formula’s texture.


9 || Eye Shadow: 3-6 months

Eye Shadow


Sad to say but even though shadows are also in powder format but they should be replaced more often since they are used around the eyes. Toss out immediately if it causes irritation; even if it’s new.


10 || Fragrance: 8-10 years



These are the most long-lasting products of all. Keep out of direct sunlight.


11 || Nail Polish: 12-24 months

Nail Polish


Store in a cool dry place, and replace once they start to separate, become thick, or discoloured.