Future Fat || The Just-In Beauty Treatment You’ve Never Heard Of Before


Just when we thought we know it all, the beauty industry drops in a massive discovery and we still fall for it. every. single. time! What we already knew suddenly becomes dated, however, never invalid. Research in the beauty department is usually based on what’s currently practiced, yet on possible ways to enhance it, apply it in a rather futuristic-appropriate, scientifically-proven and in timely manner.. Things we never knew we needed are finally here, re-imagined, modified and better, much better!

What you’re about to find out might somehow sound old, however it’s brand new, has to be borrowed but not at all blue.. Introducing the new future; the Future Fat.

Fat transfers from one part of the body to another has been going around since the late 1800’s. A method widely used as a reliable fat source for beauty procedures that add volume for faces, butts and breasts. As their popularity continues to rise, now, fat needed for a volume boost need not be taken from your own body’s fat store, a.k.a. liposuction, it’s borrowed, literally. This method is called Renuva.

Renuva is an alternative way to do fat transfers without liposuction. It can fill in scars and dimples, and plump hollow cheeks and hands. The problem faced before was that with time, this fat tends to melt away from such parts as the face, calling for more and more transfers, although it used to boost collagen, it never lasted a lifetime. Renuva, on the other hand, induces the growth of natural human fat. When injected it acts as a scaffold that allows the body to stimulate its own fat cells to grow and divide creating organic fat.

You might be wondering, where does this borrowed fat come from?

This fat is usually donated human tissue that undergoes extensive  screening and processing for quality and safety standards. It is called allograft and it arrives in dehydrated form and doctors rehydrate it with saline before injecting it. Later, the body takes it in and becomes owner of this newly injected fat. As our body cells grow and regenerate, so do those fat cells. Meaning their availability is ongoing as opposed to dwindling with time..