Vaginal Steaming || Would You Try This For More Bedroom Pleasure?

Vaginal Steaming

The Koreans do it, the Mayans did it, should you try it ? A vagina steam is the next hottest thing for your vajayjay, and it is indeed hot

Bringing together ancient herbal wisdom and modern Western medicine the v-steam promises a detox and rejuvenation for your lady bits. The procedure involves sitting undressed on what appears like a throne for 45 minutes. The throne releases fragrant herbal steam into your vagina that increases blood circulation, balances out your hormones and re-energizes your senses down there… What’s not to love.

There has been a backlash against this process however, as always personally directed towards Gwyneth Paltrow who encouraged the procedure on her website GOOP. Vagina steaming needs to be done by a professional, the steam if placed too closely can burn and kill good bacteria, ouch!!