The Joys Of Homeoplasmine || The Ultimate Lip Balm

Homeoplasmine lip balm

To be honest, I couldn’t resist but spill some beans about this out-of-this-world  ointment.. Coming from an-ongoing-case-of-chapped-lips sufferer that I am, I am constantly on the look out for that flawless, perfect lip balm. I have tried a gazillion, and by that I mean my vanity and cosmetic bags are filled with an overabundance of lip treatments. You name it, I own it. However, nothing, (I kid you not and this is not an ad) , nothing beat Homeoplasmine..

Turns out, Homeoplasmine ointment is a fashion week must-have hailed by models, make up artists and even nail technicians. It’s a multi-purpose balm that penetrates so deeply and can soothe irritated skin, smoothe dry skin, help with insect bites or allergies and is also good for a flu-induced sore nose. It’s main purpose though and what it’s really great for is chapped, cracked and super dry lips. 


Homeoplasmine lip balm


French version of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream and Japan’s Yu-Be and a little bit like Aquafor, It’s a multi-purpose ointment that is not at all greasy like the 8-Hour cream. In fact, it kind of has an au naturel, matte finish.


The joys of Homeoplasmine include the following;

#1 Soothes irritated skin with its plant extracts and emollients.
#2 Mattifies skin for a smooth finish without making it look greasy or shiny.
#3 A lips best friend, treats dryness and flakiness.
#4 Makeup artists’ best friend. Excellent as a primer for both face and lips.
#5 Mildly antiseptic as it eliminates acne and heals burns and abrasions on skin.

A tiny amount goes a long way. As you apply it on your lips it goes on shiny, and before you know it, it very quickly dries to a matte finish which makes it great for under lipsticks, especially liquid mattes. Cherry on top? Homéostick which is essential Homeoplasmine in a solid stick format is now available as well.


Homeoplasmine lip balm


How can you further incorporate Homeoplasmine in your beauty life?

# You can totally mix it with lipstick or combine it with different eyeshadows to create a wash-of-color effect..

# It’s also one of the best ways to tame unruly eyebrows and give them a healthy sheen. Apply a small amount on the back of hand and work the ointment into the brow starting from the inside outwards

# Use it to add a natural glow to your lashes without using mascara. Apply a small amount with your fingers and work from root to tip.

Bottom line, Homeoplasmine has been tried and tested and I’m literally obsessed.